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Thanks! It does have an ending screen, which will also reveal a secret. Depending on a certain side objective, the ending might also change...

I have forwarded this message to our support, it is strange that you have no reply yet. The voltage definitely isn't a problem, there is a voltage level translation on the PCB to make the used parts compatible with the console hardware.

There is a voltage level translation on the PCB, so it is definitely safe to use.

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The game should work fine on all normal, official PAL/NTSC revisions of the NES, we made sure to test it thoroughly on all of them.

Quick troubleshooting:

(1) Please make sure all console contacts of the cartridge slot are clean and unbent.

(2) Please make sure that the cartridge is running in the correct PAL/NTSC mode. You can adjust the mode by pressing reset quickly five times while the console is turned on with the cartridge inserted.

If neither of that is the issue, could you email our support with a detailed report when and how the freeze occurs and what exact mod has been applied to your console?

Since it is a modded console, we unfortunately cannot promise the fuctionality, but we can look into the issue with our manufacturer if we get more details and maybe solve it. Same goes for clone and emulation consoles.

It took a while, but this option is now available.

Your wish has been granted!

Yes, it is available now.

It is now available, if you prefer a digital purchase.

It is now available as a digital purchase!

Blazing Rangers hat very little text so it is in English in both versions, comparable to other Arcade-style games such as Bubble Bobble. Only the title screen, packaging and manual is in Japanese.

Maybe that was a temporal server problem or such, the download seems to work fine!

Super adorable mini game, we love your spritework!

Yes they do! The guy is called Popo and the woman is called Mimi. You can see their names right at the beginning in the character selection of the game.

Not really, Burning Rangers is a Sega-series. It's not related to Blazing Rangers in any way, other than the shared fire fighting-theme.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you, glad to hear you enjoyed the demo!