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if you use chrome or firefox, maybe look into cookie.txt

Same, RB reviewer, same.

I just load my save from last patch, but Roghak don't give me any quest. I try waiting for a week, still no quest. Any idea to fix this? thank. (now I have 10 likes)

The official like is HERE. Because it is an old game I think it only work on window. 

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You may want to check out "See no evil" it's an old text adventure game from Captain Gerbear. (Note: that game is also NSFW)

Dev already change to tba, so maybe not today?

With Interea and Khemia, I think it's a good sign that dev is gonna expand from Adastra story. 

On the right tab? Under "add to collection".

I like how under more information dev suggest that an average session is a few seconds. I could not stop after start the game and dive like 9+ hours in a session.     

But yeah, it feel like only a second pass when all thing finished.

I said many time before, we need a support group. So many emotion but no where to put them.

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Now, this is killing me. All I know is he want to sneak out. Grounded?