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Love with this remake. The Sound make me Panic haha 

Damn love this horror game. I Love The Vibe... very creepy

Good game right here


There is bug when player choose not to bring greg and choose not go to hell. and ending become blank. sorry for my english

Love this Game. Need more ending!!

Love this game very much. always suprise me. Love from Indonesia!!

I enjoyed this game. Great Job !!

but i think its just my opinion, how about there is 2 ending. one is the player go to car and second the player go the boat. this is just opinion Btw. Thank you 

Love this game, but unfortunately my pc cant hadle it and got a little bit lag 😥

Love this Game !!

Love this game !! i enjoyed this game very much. this game so scary and funny at the same time

the best feeling for playing some game is, when you can solve hard puzzle without see tutorial in youtube 😄😄. love this game !!

Fun game, really love it !! cant wait until full realese! 
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i love this game, i love the style of game too, and love with sound too, that's sound is very creepy 10/10 

HOHOH I love this game very much 

Love this game,the character controls very well,the grafic are friendly with potato pc. no lag
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i really enjoyed play this game. and the update is very Great.  Love this game.

love with the voice actors too

and i made indonesian Subtitle for indonesian

ah yess finnally, an innocence game !!! Love it 😍😍

The Game is so scary and creepy, and and I love the style too. Great Job 

love this game, love with the sound, love with the style, and very creepy. Great job

i played this game on 4:46

this game is creepy, got the vibes, and i think need some additional. but stiil its good game. good job  

This game is about educational to all the kids that stranger is danger

i love this game. very interesting.

this is because of my keyboard or there is a bug that player can walk without controrler 

first of all, Sorry for my english 😅

I Love This Game so much. reminded me to mini game called dinner dash. and i love cooking game and this genre is perfect with add some horror genre. Great job Dev

BTW i got 3 ending and one of them i think is happy ending LOL

wow. if you wanna play this game, just get ready for anything LOL.

I love this game, i love all aspect in this game especially the audio. that audio is so Great.  Perfect game. 10/10 !!

Damnnnn why i late play this game. 10/10 for this game Great game

i love this game, i love all aspects in this game. Great game

i played this game on 10:18

i enjoyed play this game, this game is so creepy. I like that 

i Played This game on 5:55

like this game, but Idk there is litle bug when player go to basement, the light is darker than upstair

this game is so simple, but scary too. Good job

DAmnnnn this game got cursed 😂😂. When The Narator say to take deep breath, There is a big Thunder outside my windows 😂😂.

 By The Way, This is a Great game. I love it. Great job Dev 👍👍

hohoho,  i like the atmosphere of this game, very creepy

i played this game on second game in this video.

damn, i love this game. and there is a lot of ending. Great game

the question is is " the woman from the door" is spoiler ?

Hahaha i love this game, this is so epic. good job dev

Damnnn. this game is so perfect

(iam afraid to say "i love it" or "enjoy it" because i am afraid people will call me  psychopath 😅. But really, this is the great game )

i played this game on 6:48     uhhhhh, that warning isn't Joke ! just prepare yourself.. love this game, very creepy too

haha cool game, Love it. never experience like this when i cooked noodle

Hahaha.I love This game, love with the style, love with  the voice actor,unique gameplay mechanics, and japanese girl (hehe boay). Good job Dev

For dev,

there is a bug in 22:29. when i enter hallways 1st floor, the camera angle not follow me 😅

Hahaha, i Never laugh this hard after killing npc. Love This Game

Love with the plot, creepy too. But, the text on the wall, i cannot read that 😅