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Thank you

Thank you for the help 

Jame Gam #18 community · Created a new topic Im so sad

I litteraly missed the deadline by seconds cause it took ages to build. 

Nice game but im completely stuck on level 5, theres a pretty huge skill curve imo but other than that its really fun

Interesting game however difficulty ramps straight up against the black knight as no matter what you do you're going to take a large chunk of damage.

Also it seems that the difficulty just becomes ramped up 10 million when you reach 2500 points maybe a difficulty curve issue ?

Hey could the game be a bit more zoomed out ? its incredibly tight

Uhhhh. I have absolutely no idea whats happening but i do know i love it

Same issue looking through the videos people have posted mine is atleast 1.5 x the speed

I think the controls are a bit difficult at first but overall an amazing game well done! 

I love the art