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Hi Yutaka,

Unfortunately I haven't updated this submission in a long time. Likely you are using a newer version of the leapmotion software that this submission does not support. I am working on a new version, but that won't be ready for a while.

Thanks for the interest though!


Well, I just learned how to use unity this past month, I can't imagine it would be more difficult to learn Unreal as well. :)

But yes, I do want to explore that platform as well to see which would work better for this type of application. A long term goal would be to have an application that can directly link to a program such as SolidWorks and dynamically pull the current model into the VR application. (Very long term goal)

Is there a particular reason you want to see this in Unreal? Might help to motivate me to look into that platform quicker.

I'm afraid not. I only just learned how to use unity this past month. Haven't even touched Unreal yet.

Thanks for the heads up Kip! I've updated the program per your link.