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alight, thanks

apparently when I finish the flash back when will goes to the kitchen, it takes me back to the main menu screen an doesn't continues.

ok thanks for that, I’ll give it a try.

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I don't know or more like confused or something but I have the new public update for this visual novel an had the other one before. but apparently was confused on the new updates about a new route for Haruki, witch for some reason isn't an option or anything for me at all. I've started over from the beginning before an so but never popped up for me at all an not sure why though. not sure if it's like a bug or something, but I just have the usual 3 route for Jun, Shoichi, and Keisuke but nothing for Haruki at all, like it just doesn't excise for me in the novel. 

it’s all good and figured it out, thanks👍🏻

having lots of errors with the new update, is it possible that I have to do the story over with new saves instead of old saves to fix it an get the errors to stop?

keep up the good work 👍🏻

This is pretty great so far, some great storyline her

some of the things here on the game is kinda buggy, like the save an load an so

I haven’t played this before an I’ve pre ordered the game, an I can’t wait to play it, it sounds intriguing and somewhat reminds me of some of the games that I played that is somewhat like this. Can’t wait for the release of the game👍🏻

is there going to be no more updates for this game??

ok, thank you for letting me know 

is this the only game, just a demo an no regular game of this game? Like no actual full game of this?

Is there going to be any more to the story? or is it more like the ending or cliffhanger?