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A member registered Jan 18, 2022

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whats DRM?

this is a fun lil game! def feels like a farming roguelike

support this on kickstarter guys!

does it have steam multiplayer?

cool, thanks! excited for release (hope i have enough $$!)

u should update!

any other features besides photo-taking?

what are the differences since steam version is paid?

imagine a fullblown game on steam

omgg this would be so cool on steam with co-op!!

u should put it on steam!

what is the difference between this one and steam? thanks!

you should add it to steam, seems so fun!

will u upload to steam?

is there a option to change the MC gender if i want him to be a girl or boy?

would u upload to steam?

upload to steam!

it should be on steam!

is this a one-time clear game, or infinitely playable? (ex. terraria, stardew.. yknow like that)

you should definitely publish this to steam!

would you make a sfw version, or add a sfw setting? the game seems realy fun, but i wanna play for the game itself and not, yk, furry sex