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I love your game but I do have a question after playing through 3 stories. Would it be safe to assume that Rivian and Franz is more canon due to the nature of the game and characters?

I purchased the game on Steam and I was looking for the 18R Patch but I honestly don't see the download link for the patch. Am I missing something on the page?

Also my apologies for spoilers.

Is that for every route cuz I was hoping to bottom for Coach but I topped him.

I'm not gonna lie I can't wait for the Darius and Spencer route updates. I was surprised to top Spencer but I would to see how their relationship goes and the same for Darius. Also I would like to say I find Azaghal attractive as well. 

Every time I download the game it doesn't work. It keeps telling me it could not execute. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Can someone help please?