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A Discord server, you say 👀 ? Would you mind dropping the invite link?

I actually wanted to buy Long Gone Days loooong before lol, saw it in the bundle and went "Okay, I gotta buy the bundle now"

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Playing evil made me uncomfortable but I knew that I had to see the full story to enjoy this piece of art fully. The "today you did your job" monologue is incredibly chilling and what's worse is that I've been face to face with such "professionals" several times in my life. Be it psychologists, psychiatrists, gender therapists (I believe that's what they are called in English?) or just average doctors. These people have not but a shred of empathy, sympathy nor compassion in them. They may understand their work but they fundamentally do not understand people or feelings. They are cold, sometimes outright hostile, and unfit to do their job. The ones who firmly believe that they are some kind of saviours are infinitely more creepy than the ones who will at least admit that they don't care about people in my opinion. The latter at least appear to be self-aware.

You know it's gonna be a good game when you already care about the characters and not messing up their lives after reading the description

Just tried to save as many people as possible...turns out some "good" choices really aren't that good, huh?

Reminds me of Presentable Liberty a bit. Very depressing, I enjoyed it very much

Well that's quite unfortunate, haha. It will make the experience even more heartbreaking, knowing that I cannot sacrifice myself to save the rest. I'm sure this game will be quite the emotional rollercoaster, can't wait to play it!

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I'll be playing the game soon. 100% sure it will emotionally crush me because I always try to save everyone in games like this one, haha. Will let you know when I finish playing!

EDIT: Wait a minute, if at least one will die, can I sacrifice myself to save others?

Will you ever make a monster guy maker? Just asking because this game is super great!!!


Can't relate, I, for one, wecome the sweet release of  death.  See you tomorrow mysterious monster man,  stay classy (and please do come end my suffering)

I approve of this comment.

This game - I LOVE IT!!!!! It's amazing!!!

Also I think I have a crush on the Blood God, oops.

Oh Gosh, I totally forgot to check your main blog and suddenly I see the game here! God, I'll go play it like right now! Love your games, they're great!

P.S. The art in this one looks freaking amazing!