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why the school is so lag and when i look to void no lag why why why i need it no lag

i found easter egg in the game u can find a black board in one exit its near to a class i make no clip then i see it next to exit

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lol i break the rule that no kids plays baldis basics im a kid i have 10 years old #ouch_my_eyes_redscreen and also i have so much lag and  im meet the shit playtime so the  blue 99 doors is the worst hard to get out it when you have lag and also i collect all 7 notebooks! and i see baldi 1 time and bsoda help me it was the first time i try this game lol game story noteboos,eat practice lol then i go to all doors and i wish red screen remove from the game the game not hard and not horror lol the adult jumbscare from baldi ell time and kids  from the first game try + lag i win plz learn from kids lol and i was no runing 1 tenintion for enter school fuchtly