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i dont know where to add feedbacks or soemthing but will you make a class door lock or blue door lock to temporary cage baldi in the class room

What's the warning

when you enter the game well if it so keep pressing your mouse button until coming to the intro

RIP welcome to baldis basics in education and learning thats me


RIPwelcome to baldis basics brith day bash                               come on in have a blast

new born thanks for playing come back soon

The real Baldi baldi doesnt know so you passport is blocked you cant travel to Game.exe Wrong file is missing around

Sorry no answer for your question please use valid gamedlike

Baldi's basics brithday bash, Baldi's basics in education and learning,Baldi's basics full game early demo,Baldi's field trip

to answer your question

Who likes the green color




look at my report, baldi too the yellow door lock is trash at this time


sometimes i click the icon for nothing and sometimes says this programe is not valid in win32

also in windows 7 it says cant switch to lower reolution from D11 or something like that

mystman12"the swinging doors have been giving me a lot of problems!"

in fact of this baldi can teleport through this that means baldis basics puplic demo trainer menu didnt release yet but baldi created one

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why the school is so lag and when i look to void no lag why why why i need it no lag

i found easter egg in the game u can find a black board in one exit its near to a class i make no clip then i see it next to exit

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lol i break the rule that no kids plays baldis basics im a kid i have 10 years old #ouch_my_eyes_redscreen and also i have so much lag and  im meet the shit playtime so the  blue 99 doors is the worst hard to get out it when you have lag and also i collect all 7 notebooks! and i see baldi 1 time and bsoda help me it was the first time i try this game lol game story noteboos,eat practice lol then i go to all doors and i wish red screen remove from the game the game not hard and not horror lol the adult jumbscare from baldi ell time and kids  from the first game try + lag i win plz learn from kids lol and i was no runing 1 tenintion for enter school fuchtly