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Hey, congrats, your game got featured in a Merg video!

heya, came from reddit. I wanna play it but i can't bring myself to watch that.

anywho, what language didja use?


I know this is oldish but z / x are generally accepted as a/b in the gaming community. Also did you seriously updoot your own comment?

Hm.   I do use canvas but my stupidity and overuse of stackoverflow basically leaves me with a bunch of unorganized spaghetti code, so I'll rewrite it with your tips.  Thanks for your help!

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Cool game!  Although one thing  to note: When a wall is half broken and you hit it, it restores.  I believe this is because you have it set in phases (fixed, half broken and destroyed), and when you hit it can deal 2 stages (critical hit I suppose?) and this resets the broken wall.  And pausing it doesn't stop the music, which is kinda wierd (but not a problem really). Otherwise awesome game!  

I was wondering one thing: I know you don't use vanilla JS but do you know how to flip a sprite in vanilla?  I'm a complete noob with this stuff so right now my character only faces the direction the spritesheet gave me....

EDIT: So long as we're posting high scores I got to lvl 6

Man this is cool!  So much Zelda nostalgia!  But.. does mr. almost a dragon have... fingernails?


So here's my bug catcher review :L

1.  Left click: Place block

2. Right Click: remove block

3.  2 Doors can be on top of each other -  DONT WORRY THOUGH!  You can still enter even though it looks like only one door :L

4. Space spawns the last enemy you saw/ attacked, at the mouse position.

5. Spawning yourself inside a block ( or an enemy ) renders the entity unmovable.  You can always free it though.  

6. Ratbone's disappearing bone act

That's all for now, I'm out!

Uh oh 香蕉天空 is at it again

Thanks.  I'm not using Unity so it is a bit harder, but some guy on StackOverflow recommended using

canvas.imageSmoothingEnabled = false

And that makes it really nice and sharp.  Thought I might share it with you.  Once again thanks and have a good day!

Thanks so much for this! These are exactly what I'm looking for!  And the necromancer's so cute :D  

I don't mean to be a party pooper, but do you know how to make the images larger without them being... fuzzy?  I just don't want my characters to be so small...  Any help would help a lot!

For such a simple concept, very well made.  Were you aware of at the time of making?

Hi there! Your game is sooo cool!  I really like the concept for swarmbug, and I was wondering if I could use it and the rollerpig in a game I'm making (with credit of course)?  That would be amazing! Even if not, you're truly talented and this game is amazing. 

Thank you for your time,

-Fire Kiwi