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Thanks for the feedback. The costs are so high because I made crafting before adding obstacles and in my initial plans there was supposed to be more types of obstacles and some monsters so there would much more combination but I didn't have time to implement that and then didn't think of changing it.

Nice one but I think leaderboard is broken. It doesnt show my highest score but the sum of all scores i had. I have over 9000 in leaderboard but my highest score was just 2000.

Can I use assets from unity store? Of course I'll credit them.

Loved this game. Audio and Visuals were masterpiece. Amazing job.

Sorry about the resolution in full screen. I'm still not very good managing resolution in Unity. Thanks for feedback

No,I'm from Poland

Thanks for feedback. I may have problems with balancing this game espacially after I played it for like 100 times during creating and found best tactic. I wanted make to make game based both on your agility and quick decision gaming.  If you wanna give it another try I would advise you to not run for fruit if it spawns very far from you. Also when one fruit is already there and another one spawns you onlyhave like 2 seconds before it rots so if you cant transport it very quick you should abandon it. Also take advantage of snails low speed to feed some fruits to your plant and be careful about bees.  In level 3 there is Boss Fight I think it isn't too hard but has satysfying ending where theme of growth is very highlighted.

I added some music at the begining but I deleted it because it caused my scripts to misbehave in built WebGL version. (I haveno idea why, butI often find bugs in built version of unity games though they work fine in editor). I also had hardmode option implemented but I must have accindentally, delete button or forgot save scene when I was adding it.  I'll add it after jam  end because I already have scripts for this.  Anyway, thanks for feedback, this means a lot to me, espacially I get very small amount of ratings.

Nice game. I would recommend adding some images so more people will click on it. I also found bug that bullet move faster the further is mouse from your worm head. I think it may be caused by not normalizing your bullet direction vector.

Nice game. Lovedaudio,one of the best on this jam. I had problems at the begining because I didn't know how to jam. I think I would work on Colliders. I think you wereusing polygon colliders. Well they were usually bigger than texture(for example tree or house roof.) I think when making platformer game in unity is giving material to your walls/tilemap collider without friction so you dont get stuck on walls. Anyway good job. 

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Thanks. I know about bugs, I was working my hardest to delete them and I thought I did but after built version works different for some reason  than one in unity editor.

Yep,I also think so  but if everything works correctly enemies health and movement speed increase should eventually overcome your upgrades, but yeah, I didn't really used a lot of time on balance because I was exhausted after hours of programming to make sure game is not falling apart.

Another Bug:Sometimes enemies dont spawn at start but in that case reload game.

OK. So here is 3 bugs i noticed. They are easy to fix and I will probably fix em when jam is over. 

1. Sometimes Shield Ready text doesnt reapear and bar doesnt load to the end. But this is just graphic bug cause shield is working normally.

2. I'm dumbass and forget to switch off collsiions betwenn player bullets so if you upgrade your attack rate up a lot and start moving forward and shooting at the same time bullets will collide with one another and will lose velocity.

3. If you kill enemy in the exactly same time frame as he shoots projectile projectile wont have any velocity and will stay in one place forever.You can collide with it and then it will dissapear but it won't deal damage.

If someone finds more bugs let me know. 

This game ends on game over level or am i missing something?

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How this game relate to theme? I mean it ends pretty fast.

One of the most original games here though pretty hard,at least for me. Anyway, good job! 

I love the vibe of it.T think it's one of best games on this jam(I mean I have like 50 games yet to play but still its very good.). Audio and visuals are so great.

Thanks <3

Very cool game. I feel dash is a bit overpowed but there is a lot of enemies though. My record is level 11.

Ok, I did this in web version. Here's screenshot.

you mean row of six shooters? I think I tested it and you can fit between them or use shield to block attacks and kill some of them in this time. 

Thanks. You can upgrade movement speed with resources and after 2 or 3 upgrades it feels much better.

Nice game! One of the best on this jam I think.Though I could use highscore on gameover menu because i usually don't look at it until I die.