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Thanks so much for checking out my game! I try to animate it to the best of my ability so far! Don’t think I’ll continue with this game, but it’s definitely starting ideas that I can bring for future projects.

I really enjoyed the mechanic to this game. It’s overwhelming since ya gotta think quick on inputting the right combos. I think one thing that was hard to manage was when the map was getting bigger, you have to type the letters and click Enter (jumping on the keyboard), but you also need to manage the map with the mouse control. Then again, unless you are good at planning fully ahead on the map, then that’s manageable. It is a nice escalation though.

And there’s SHEEP!!! Watch out Sheeple!!!! RING RING RING RING RING Such nice chill music and beautiful pixel art~

Wow, this was such a creative idea!! I totally did not expect this! Lights! Camera! Action! I love that you have to be maneuvering where you need the camera to be to capture the action.

I didn’t reach the end of the game. I got stuck at the moving platform from left to right on the top left side and the platform moving up and down on the ride side. Wasn’t sure if I was missing a light because I could not jump on the to the middle tower since there was some darkness blocking the jump.

I do enjoy the concept and mechanics though! I can see so much potential of more interesting puzzles to this idea!