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a lot of the time in romance games i have to kind of force myself to pick someone because i equally dont care about everyone. this is NOT that kind of game. i genuinely think i will be worrying about who to romance up until the next chapter releases. this game is really, really great - the MC is hilarious and brave, and every single romance option has me excited and kind of blushing. the plot itself is fascinating and the world you've built feels incredibly real and vibrant. this game is like a fantasy sci-fi romance mystery ball of greatness and I LOVE IT.

this is a really cool game! the effect of the randomised room/descriptions was really effective, created that dreamlike sense of familiar chaos. i got a few different endings and it seems like they all involve the player's sister/ mother, which i think is really interesting. i love that you kind of get a sense of who the player is through their dreams. great job :D

this is such a lovely comment, i'm so glad that you felt the atmosphere was done well as that was something we really pushed hard for :D