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you should make the movement faster  and make the blocks spawn further away anyways its a good idea

6/5 never seen a better game

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when ever i shape shift i just fall through the ground

this was very well made keep up the good work

that was amazing keep up the good work

it was a very good game and well made also i noticed two small problems

in the tutorial it says "use W and A to move"

and you can jump with the up arrow but not w

any ways good game and keep up the good work

hey i found an error the exe file is named kube.exe.exe you need to remove one of the exes

ou hey never seen this game before such an original concept how did you come up with it?

this is better than fnaf

so scary i pissed my pants 10/10

game of the decade

10/10 never seen something so good. game of the decade

for a first game this is pretty good and simple and i like that

but there are a couple of bugs like if you wall of the side of the stage you will fall for ever and the spike hit boxes are kinda wonky and you should add instructions how to play

but other ways this was nice and i hope to see more from you (:

the bug was in the browser version

lol if you spin your mouse around too fast the game crashe

its a very interesting idea and you made the game very fun too

but there is a small problem when you click the slime goes a bit to the left of where you are aiming

gotta love these original games

copycat here is the original game maker:

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i don't want to sound rude but if you want to make your first game that you publish you should be more original than normal tile sets and making the games same as brackeys tutorials and i'm not saying that your game is bad i'm saying that you should think outside the box more than make a 2D platformer for the millionth time. also take your time when you make your next game, there is no rush when it comes to making games (except if you are in a gamejam). good luck with making games in the future


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