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That's what we were waiting for, now we can calm down, we can wait another year, the main thing is that at least once a year there would be a message "the game is not canceled"

people just want to know at what stage (even if only 5% of the game is done) the work is going on. Because it is unknown not only when the game will be released, but also whether it will be released at all.there were just a lot of cases when the game was abandoned by 10%. we only ask you to let us know that the development is going on at least somehow .

what is the current version on patrеon?

I like the design of the old demo more and it looks like an almost finished game

if this happens when opening the menu during the game, just go to the sound settings and change it, it should help

who knows how to find an elf? there is an icon in candy basket , but I can 't find it