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ive recently been through a break up and this game reminded me so much of what it was like to be with them. it was us two non binary lovers against the world.  even though im sobbing right now, playing this game has made me realize that there are so many lovely people in this world and the right person will come along one day at the perfect time. i wont feel like this forever. i guess what im trying to say is thank you for creating this wonderful piece of art i hope you've had a lovely day <3

maybe for you. but for others this virus is life threatening with no cure and insensitive people like you are part of the reason their lives are in danger because it inconveniences you. its people like you that say "all lives matter" or claim to be pro life but only when its convenient for you. all this shows how selfish you are. maybe its time to start looking at something besides yourself.

nvm i got it im stoopid

im stuck on the part where you have to paint the roof in blue :,)) its probably really obvious but its been ten minutes  h e l p   m e   pls

this is one of the most beautiful games ive ever experienced and ive been on the internet for a while. the artwork is so intricate and jaw-droppingly BEAUTIFUL. i know ive used the word beautiful a lot but i cant emphasize it enough. outstanding work!! i hope you are very proud of this masterpiece <33

thank you sm!!

what a lovely game! sadly im stuck on the part where the sink is overfilled and Geoffrey (black cat) is playing with the yarn :(