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Artstyle very nice.  The game is overall very pretty, and I appreciate the effort put into atmospheric effects like the  sun-beams, weather, and lighting.

Storyline is nice so far, albeit nothing *too* original. But, originality shouldn't be placed over execution, and it's executed just fine.

Most of my complaints are really just nitpicks:

A surprisingly large number of events do not have "Direction Fix" enabled, so you can click on an object and depending on your direction it'll change to look like something different. Also, certain characters who only make sense to be looking in one direction still turn to face you, even though their dialogue doesn't acknowledge your presence, so I'm pretty sure they also should have "Direction Fix" enabled.

A few tiles on various maps are able to be walked on, allowing minor bugs like being able to walk on tables, or get a tile or two out-of-bounds. Nothing game-breaking, however. 

Audio Volume Normalization is a slight issue; Certain sound effects are very distinctly louder than others for no apparent reason. (e.g. a character will have a voice snippet, and then the very next voice snippet of theirs will be considerably quieter.)

The first appearance of Fox did feel rather... obvious, to the point where I was like "Why are they saying that name and giving that information in front of a witness? Is it just so the reader knows for sure who they are?" however as that name becomes relevant later in the story I do understand why, but it still feels contrived and stupid of Fox, and when I first read it it felt very hand-holding to the reader. The twist isn't that hard to deduce, after all.
Idk, just a small thing that temporarily broke my immersion. Probably just me though.

I'd complain about the encounter rate on most maps feeling a bit too small, however the ability to escape from any battle makes the frequent random encounters more of a minor gripe than an actual major irritation.

Overall, quality demo. It's clear a lot of love went into this.