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Oh yes silly me, I will add that as well in the how to of installing this "game"

Thank you for playing my game! I used a new engine so I was having trouble with certain things and ran out of time... I'd fix the areas a little more and the cover art so it actually matches the characters but it would matter less now that you've played it. BUT that doesn't matter as long as you enjoyed it!

I know I'm late but I'm here too if that helps?

The game is nice, some characters are off putting though. I wish the text was skippable (because there's a lot of talking), and if you enter one room it takes you back to the tutorial (once you leave the apartment there's a door while heading towards the pizza shop that takes you to it, and then it skips you to the pizza place)??  You could have made Mochi the character that replies to all of the character's japes and jokes instead of his brain, and highlighting everything that's interactable would be nice, like a button that makes interactables visible. Finally the collisions should be worked on and the dialogue, lot's of things are said in your head but not everything should be heard. Positive things? Oh yeah, character personalities are nice, the colors work well with each other, the battle system is interesting and the city seems pretty lively. Overall very interesting game, I look forward to it being expanded upon! (even if I didn't fully play it because of what happened in the picture, got to the "head to the subway for the party" part).