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You can PM me on discord: FinnishTomato#1165

Or email me at:

Hello Teddy!
Sure, I can help you, but you need to PM me and tell me where you've found the previous music sheets. (Actually, I'll send you a list.)
I haven't developed games in a while due to drifting from the fandom and school, but thanks for the comment! It means a lot (and brings back so many good memories - ouch XD)
I used RPG VX ace to make this game! If you want to try, I'm sure you can find the trial version and tinker around! It's really easy to start, don't let your ideas be dreams! You can always ask me for help on discord.

RPG vx ace does not support mac, but you can try winebottler!
I haven't got a mac, so I can't verify if it actually works! If it doesn't I'll try to find some other way :)

Thanks for your interest! <3 Nostalgia is hitting me hard right now hahha

I haven't been making games in more than a year and I'm so happy to receive a comment on one of my projects! aaaaaa! Yes, the music sheets are hidden somewhere :D:D If you find it hard, feel free to contact me. (Because to be frank, I've forgotten where I hid them XD)

Thanks for taking your time to play my game <3<3