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and downvoting my comment? why? idk 

maybe make a game that works, idk. FPS is low and have problems, hope u fix it. 

can you help? 

no Sir, I ran Madison game on my PC. it runs slow, very slow, 8 FPS. 

plz help, my PC has AMD Ryzen 5, but game crashes, why? U have what PC friend? 

crashed 2 times and FPS is 8. help? 

Amazing game.
Dedis muteli mogstyvnia sheni bozi kargic movtyan ylis mwovelo bozisshvilo! Daaxvie saertod she ylis mwovela!

TV static is scary. Good game. 

Good game. 

Graphics were okay. The rest needs a lot of work. 

Movement and controls are very disorienting, AI needs a lot of work truly and overall did not enjoy it. I read that everything in the game is intentional, so if it's trying to be intentionally bad, then it succeeded. graphics are okay. 

Story rich and intriguing. I was definitely glad and looking forward to the final result. Great Job. 

Did not enjoy the demo, which was supposed to draw the interest for the game. It's out of focus and lags a lot. Could have used other engine to make it better. 

Lots of exploration and story telling, I liked it. Good game.

The game was alright, I did not find it too scary, but decent atmosphere. Good one. 

Truly terrifying! Cool game. 

This was a decent experience. The atmosphere was eerie and well done. The rest needs work, but overall, good game. 

This is brilliant!
It really captures the unique 2010s style of horror games and the design for it, just super addictive and fun. I really enjoyed this, although the AI can be balanced, but overall, just pure gold. Well done.

Fun, short, I enjoyed the puzzles and overall environment! Fantastic!

The true terror of the game is not the AI, but the environment! This just brings chills and fantastic vibes! Great Job! 

I love the investigation type games and especially if they are connected to horror! Truly neat experience and well made game! 

Creepy atmosphere, good lighting, genuinely scary sequences and most of all - functional mechanics - loved it! 

Well made. Neat short game with exceptional design and lots of creepiness. Keep up the good work developer. 

I did play through it, but the sensitivity was an issue, so I did not finish the game. 

The game is short, sweet, the sensitivity needs to be fixed, but overall, good game. 

Well, this was fun. 
The Santa running after you and the environment was cool. Although, the fences made no sense for me, because you could easily go around them, other than that the game was fun. Good work. 

Maybe next time make a better game. Meanwhile, I will go read alphabet, as you think I can't read and I do hope, your day is as pleasant as you are.

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There is literally a video explaining everything. Are you that lazy to look it up? Do you need someone to come to your house and do it for you? Come on man, just read the page!

Edit: VIDEO IS UP ON THE LEFT SIDE - just in case you get lost, kiddo.