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Nice, I liked the new levels. Very fun!

lol thanks, yeah I'll think about it adding it. Might not be enough

nice, neat little game. I enjoyed it

Super fun game, played till the end. I liked the rainbow aesthetic. Would have been nice to move the gun with the mouse but after awhile I didn't care about it as much. But yeah overall really fun game.

Very polished, and very fun. A little hard to see everything with the very small screen but overall had a fun time. The music is dope as well. Nice work.

Really cool concept for a game, I enjoyed it. It was a bit confusing at first with where I was allowed to move but I eventually figured it out. Also I feel like an option to move the box using the arrow keys or something would be really nice. But yeah for a game made in 48 hours it's very enjoyable.

Ah gotcha

Alright thanks, I did not realize you could turn it off.

good yes

Ayo nice game, very fun and did not run into any bugs

Fun game, a few things. The TV screen effect is cool, but I feel like it was a bit distracting. There was also a bug where I couldn't move the moveable box for the puzzles. It eventually worked but just wanted to let you know. Overall cool concept and fun game!

Really fun game, I got pretty far until I ran into a bug. Once I got another upgrade it did the zoom on character thing, but then it zoomed again and I wasn't able to upgrade anything and progress forward. But overall really enjoyed the game, it was very addicting.

fun game, I got a little confused when fighting the enemies, I wasn't sure which enemies I could kill with my special form. But overall fun game

I feel like the acceleration maybe to slow to get to max speed. And then maybe lower the max speed. But idk I was able to kinda fly across the map when I started spamming jump lol

cool game, the movement felt a bit sluggish but overall had a good time

Ok cool!

Great to hear!

cool game, also the player can infinitely jump lol

Hey neat little game!

- I was having some trouble figuring out what I needed to bring the cat. Maybe like a little hud or something to show the player what they need to get.

- also it was a bit of a struggle to make to player move the way I wanted them too. Felt a little stiff

Cool game tho, I like the art

Hey! Nice game, I found it very unique.

 I feel like it was a bit difficult to see how much health I had from a player standpoint. But overall interesting and fun game!

game of the year for sure

would love a Linux build :)

Awesome can't wait for more! 

Ay nice work, enjoyed it very much! Congrats on releasing your first game!

Super fun game, completed the game. Really well done!

Very fun for a very simple game and concept. Nice work!

Love the art style!

Great game, love the art!

Really cool concept! Love the integration of the many different game mechanics!

Yep everything works! Nice work!

Yeah, when downloading the file all that exists is an .exe version of the game. So that means the game can only run on windows. You have to build 2 different version for Mac, and Linux (in Unity that is).  Hope this helps and good luck!

So the music is pretty pixely, thats the best way to explain it. It was rough and every beat and bop was super hard to stand. I am mainly thinking that the pitch for every beat is too high. And it was all of the sounds. If your using unity there is a way to downscale the pitch in engine without having to go back and redo all the audio. Altho this method may reduce the quality of the audio and mood your trying to set.

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Hey cool game! The music is a bit much personally, I recommend a bit smoother sounds. It feels like my ears are being pierced by the music and sound fx lol. Otherwise the combat is fun and enjoyable.

Really enjoyed it, it was fun trying to find the best combos to get further. Would have liked to see a bit more enemies into the later rounds. Also the white background was a bit much for my eyes, so maybe like a darker background.

In all tho it was super fun!

Would love a Linux build :)

Smooth feel, super satisfying when killing the blobs

Love the music, I also like the flashy UI stuff. Needs a bit of a tutorial or menu screen. But otherwise fun little game!

Fun game, loved the sound fx lol

Hey! I am a C# programmer and mainly work in unity. I sent you a friend request on discord. I'm interested in doing a game jam with you :)

Hey man great game! Love the overall theme and style of the game. Very well done game mechanics. Would love some more control over the sensitivity with the joysticks, feels like I'm overextending my aim a lot of the time and possibly a little less bloom on the Post-Processing stuff cause it seems almost too blurry at times but overall looks and plays great!