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Love the art style and concept, nice work!

Thank you for your input! I agree some mouse smoothing and aim assist would be nice. I will think about adding that. I am glad you enjoyed it!

Nice job lol

Very fun, game. Thoroughly enjoyed :D

Cool game, I think some sound fxs and music would be a nice addition also I think making it so letting go of W reduces speed so you can have more control over the bus and turning. Overall very satisfying to watch those mfks go flying. Nice work!

I am using wine to run on linux, but yeah could be framerate issue

Very cool! Nice work!

jumping doesn't seem to work most of the time

its definitely a cool concept though, I could see this being a super fun speed running game

fun game, nice work

sounds good!

yeah the new version of Godot is great, I feel like overall it added so many much needed improvements.


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Would love to download the game so I can save my progress tho :(

Dude this game is awesome, could not stop playing.

Really love the twists you added to the rouge like stuff and vampire survivors style stuff

I think you are only allowed to participate in 1 single day

Hey cool game, I really like the art style and overall Mario 64 style. 

Some feedback

- Character felt a bit floaty and a bit unresponsive. If this is a platforming game then I feel like getting that right is pretty important.

- There was a period of no music in the beginning intro part, felt a bit awkward with just having no music. 

- There seems to be a lot of dialog as well I found myself just mashing the E key to skip all of those parts. Idk maybe there is a way to make that more interesting like voice acting, sounds effects, etc.

- Also there is no saved state, I tried loading back in and the game was restarted (but I am aware that this is a demo so maybe not the most important thing yet haha)

- Game also became unresponsive after I tabbed out of the game and back into it (I am using a Linux and windows virtual machine to run so it might be an issue on my end lol)

- Also would love a linux port of the game :)


The art style is awesome

The characters are cool, I like the different personalities

Also the music being played fits the art style very well

Nice, I liked the new levels. Very fun!

lol thanks, yeah I'll think about it adding it. Might not be enough

nice, neat little game. I enjoyed it

Super fun game, played till the end. I liked the rainbow aesthetic. Would have been nice to move the gun with the mouse but after awhile I didn't care about it as much. But yeah overall really fun game.

Very polished, and very fun. A little hard to see everything with the very small screen but overall had a fun time. The music is dope as well. Nice work.

Really cool concept for a game, I enjoyed it. It was a bit confusing at first with where I was allowed to move but I eventually figured it out. Also I feel like an option to move the box using the arrow keys or something would be really nice. But yeah for a game made in 48 hours it's very enjoyable.

Ah gotcha

Alright thanks, I did not realize you could turn it off.

good yes

Ayo nice game, very fun and did not run into any bugs

Fun game, a few things. The TV screen effect is cool, but I feel like it was a bit distracting. There was also a bug where I couldn't move the moveable box for the puzzles. It eventually worked but just wanted to let you know. Overall cool concept and fun game!

Really fun game, I got pretty far until I ran into a bug. Once I got another upgrade it did the zoom on character thing, but then it zoomed again and I wasn't able to upgrade anything and progress forward. But overall really enjoyed the game, it was very addicting.

fun game, I got a little confused when fighting the enemies, I wasn't sure which enemies I could kill with my special form. But overall fun game

I feel like the acceleration maybe to slow to get to max speed. And then maybe lower the max speed. But idk I was able to kinda fly across the map when I started spamming jump lol

cool game, the movement felt a bit sluggish but overall had a good time

Ok cool!

Great to hear!

cool game, also the player can infinitely jump lol

Hey neat little game!

- I was having some trouble figuring out what I needed to bring the cat. Maybe like a little hud or something to show the player what they need to get.

- also it was a bit of a struggle to make to player move the way I wanted them too. Felt a little stiff

Cool game tho, I like the art

Hey! Nice game, I found it very unique.

 I feel like it was a bit difficult to see how much health I had from a player standpoint. But overall interesting and fun game!

game of the year for sure

would love a Linux build :)

Awesome can't wait for more! 

Ay nice work, enjoyed it very much! Congrats on releasing your first game!