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right, this isn't really a topic as much as it is a comment. 

i'm not boasting or anything but i'm just saying a big ol' thanks for just making this game and keeping us all updated on everything after all these years. i've been here since the original MaD and i remember being so pumped when the second one was released and i'm just so happy to see that it's still relevant to this day. so thankyou.  i've now got a million amazing memories playing this game with my friends whenever we'd meet up.  yoyt. 

ahh next update then ;) 

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couldn't play because my antivirus said it was potentially dangerous.


UPDATE: it came back clean

i'm now going to celebrate with champagne and aged cheddar. 

hate to join in on this copy paste 

but i stand by it


thanks for adding the resolution settings

i completed the game and it was 

an experience 

Is there a way to turn off motion blur as my laptop is tat