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Totally understand.  Tangent, if you wind up doing controller support, those can be used with phone/tablet.  I'm just skyballin there.  It would be a little weird selling an app that ONLY works with controllers, but maybe it could be an add on for a "deluxe edition".  I'd only suggest that if the port to phone was very simple with whatever engine you're using (and you were already doing controller support), since it'd be a super niche thing.  Either way, I'm in to get the game, and I'm in for the next one if it's a similar genre and/or has mobile ability.  Thanks for your work, Autoduel was right up there with X-com for me back in the day, and I love that someone out there is making something in that vein. 

Auto Fire community · Created a new topic Phone support

Have you considered building a mobile version as well?  I'm so starved of auto duel these days, I'd buy this twice just to have the option for trips!