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i edited instead of responding
Silly me.

If you are using google chrome, try using another browser, it should work that way, But i gonna start to upload my game on Google Drive too

I reinstalled it works now.

And no its not just a picture, my mouse did not record b because it acted like there is nothing running

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My game just opens up and the logo starts up and the dog barks but after that, it doesn`t go anywhere, 15 minutes later still does not go anywhere, i need help. I have fixed bit now. I got a video.

For some reason. the game lags with helicopters and tanks. I have a good computer, i set the graphics to fastest, and i set the bots to 10, and i still get this 1998 fps like frames per second. I would love to see a foot to foot battle in the future because that won`t lag the game.