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I really liked this game. Although it could definitely use more polish, it harbors a really interesting set of mechanics! The fundamental gameplay was really strong.


Believe it or not you can beat the last level in 3 moves

I wish this game were longer. I would have liked to spend more time exploring the really atmospheric and mysterious surroundings. The sound design, music, and environment design are all doing a really good job of making the player want to go explore their new surroundings, yet I found myself often rushed and caught up in having to focus on the survival mechanics. I would suggest focusing the gameplay more on exploration: include more 1-off environmental tidbits and lighten up on the pressure put on the player by hunger and the short day/night cycle. This game has lots of potential, and a lot of that can be reached with only the change of some numbers. Keep up the good work!

Wonderful art design and animation, a bit lacking in terms of communicating objectives to the player, but the atmosphere and sound design still make the experience memorable.

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Game I meant to post:

Game I posted:

I accidentally submitted an earlier version of my game, stuttershot, instead of the current version. I corrected this in the comments by posting a link to the real game and the real project file

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Controls are:

A and D to move

W to jump

S to roll

E to shoot

R to reflect

press space to switch who's playing

and escape to return to the level select screen

click on a square to play on that level

Also the real project file is here:

The rules say I can have 1 music and 3 effects. What constitutes as effects?  Could I have like a 5 second long melody and count that as a sound effect?