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so when i click play the game just crashes... if you were wondering i have a gtx 1050 and 8 gb of ram and idk why it just crashes

it good

and when you do that it bugs him out and he cant attack you

about the lag you just need a better computer and about steam vr id

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this is super fun and spoopy

this is super fun! but i found some bugs when i played. i pressed Z to lay down and i pressed it again to get back up in the watchtower and i fell thru the floor and then he came and he couldnt attack me so basically... i befriended siren head. and then once i got to the factory the game softlock and i hade to manually close the game

this could easily be turned into a very long horror game with like a story and everything with the right ammount of time and effort put in it... so i hope someone makes this into like a very long ans spoopy game someday...

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i have the exact same graphics card i just lower the graphics a little bit and even on highest i get around 40-30 fps witch i can live with