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Where was my mom in all of this? Where was Chris Hansen? Just a poor kid with moldy spaghetti.

I GOT THE SECRET ENDING FIRST! LOL I didn't expect that! I thoroughly enjoy the multiple endings and made sure to happily... or creepily... get them all!

Such an awesome game!! I loved the twist and turns of it and how the consequences do sneak up on you! Super unique!

616 games- I'm such a huge fan of your's- so much that this is the start of my doing a 616 games week! I love the psx styling, love the premise and likewise, the tension-building was very well done. You're putting out all sorts of awesome work and I'm here for it. Thanks for such a great game!

I was auper intrigued by this! Great job and answering the questions was interesting for sure, haha! I went in with my honest opinions!

Hilarious. Massive attention to detail. Weirdness. And pasties. What's not to love?
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So, I just hit 666 and opted to use your game to celebrate this special occasion! It was seriously a blast and I definitely wish to play the full game asap!The only thing I'd mention of critique (which may already be fixed in the full version) is the radius of hovering for E actions. I had to hover in certain ways for it to show and work properly. But beyond that, love the concept, love the scariness of it and I'm super curious to play the rest!

 This was a really interesting game- the jump scares were well done, I thoroughly enjoyed the art style- it's always refreshing to see games look different than the usuals. I do wish this was longer and told more of a story. The summary on here doesn't fully match up to what's going on with the game. is it paranormal? Is it something else? Is it a monster?

 The questions don't really get answered when I really would've loved them to. But- questions of that nature mean that you definitely had me intrigued by this game! I wouldn't WANT to know more if it was boring for sure! Keep up the great work, I'd love to see more from you.

I recently got into analog horror and am loving this type of game! A legit creepy game that had me SCREAMING MORE THAN ONCE!



HOLY COW. This game was BRILLIANT! I sang the entire musical too! 

As someone who has binge watched all the Bad Ben movies on Prime, I was CRAZY EXCITED to hear this was released- and by none other than corpsepile, the creator of a game I enjoyed a ton, The Open House! This game ticked off everything I was hoping it would as a Bad Ben fan.

THIS WAS TERRIFYING. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I truly hope you add more to it! I also included the Mandela Catalogue vol 1 & 2 to add extra backstory to your amazing game... ahem, training video.

I loved Episode 1, so when I saw that Episode 2 had released- I quite literally came out of a hiatus to play it, haha. This story was equally as engaging and I loved how it kept you guessing which direction it would turn next. I can't wait to see what the next episodes have in store! Thanks for making such great games, I'm a huge fan.

This was such a hilariously fun game! The flipping between funny and terrifying were so well done, my poor heart was all over the place! I thoroughly enjoyed this and hope to see another game by you! 

This story was BEYOND EPIC. I really, really would love to see this in a movie form! Ruggero Deodato better indeed listen! 😆 The character-work does so much to enrich this story. You really feel for the daughter and also seeing this family fall apart bit by bit. I also DEEPLY loved the attention to detail and hard work effort that was put into the scientific accuracy of decomposition.  I can't believe this was made in merely a month. Big bravo and slow clap, because this was a fascinating journey both in science and psychological horror. Please make more stories!

Oooh yay!

This one was my favorite by far. I enjoyed these games so much that I made them part of my specially curated Halloween month gameplays. I pre-planned it and was so excited to play them. This second one though was by far my favorite! Very action packed with a lot of suspense, also the use of tools seemed much more intuitive. Great work and I certainly hope an episode 3 is in the works!

This game was great! So great, that when doing my Halloween month special, it hit the top of my list. I did the first and second episode because the storyline were so good!

I absolutely love this. The scares are curated so well- there's creativity and tension build-up (which is hard to find done artistically these days) that makes it a true ride into horror. Amazing, brilliant work. I'm definitely going to be playing the full game. Thank you for making something so amazing.

I seriously loved the ever living poop out of this game. It was so much fun to play. The guard aspect is very easy, but still gives you a task to be done- at the same time, the subtle scary sounds really breathe at the back of your neck. Even the music itself sounds like tapping on a window. It just has such really neat details I appreciate a lot. Great, fantastic work! I hope to get to play many more games by you.

I may not have played it EXACTLY the way it was meant- but this game is one that'll stick with me, as not only was it a blast to play, but kind of exactly the game I needed in a very vulnerable time, so thank you! To you and Einstein! 

10:00 is where I play this game. I seriously loved this. I was already aware of the real experiment- yet while playing the game, I found myself regardless, still actually IN the experiment! So very cool!

30:29 is where I play this game. Oh man... so, I loved episode 1 so much, that I actually made this a 4 spooky games video instead of my regular 3, haha. I saw episode 2 was out and HAD to play it immediately! Super great work and wow does this one escalate from the last one- I hope to see more games from you, because these are really awesome.

23:21 mark is where I play it- I love horror games that don't take themselves too seriously and this one is a prime example. Super great work... also, now I wish I had the chicken as a plush, haha. I hope you don't mind, I nicknamed it Clucky. LOL.

My only complaint with this game is that I so badly wish it were longer! It's the first one in my spooky games video. ☺ The jump scares were honestly amazing and the tension building was a perfect 10!

You're too kind! Thank you for making such a cool game! Hope to more from you! 😊😊😊

This game was A LOT of fun. I enjoyed that it kept you on your toes with different goals you'd be constantly seeking out versus just being a full run-around type of game. Really, really great work- and tell Chucky he looked great too! Haha

I have the exact same issue. Was gonna play it on my channel today since I did the initial demo.  😕

Hahaha, sorry for the scare! 😅😅😅

I LOVE this damn game!! The graphics are so clean. The mazes constantly kept me on my toes. With him popping off everywhere, it kept the jump scares rapid. And the betrayal of a certain something that I wont spoil for others... all in all, fantastic game! I hope to see this one blow up, because it deserves it.

I'd been meaning to play this game for a while and am so glad I did! I LOVE the absolutely creative idea of a virtual open house gone wrong! It gave me all the proper creeps left and right. 150% amazing work! Great job!!

This game starts at the 18:17 mark. I absolutely loved this, the idea is so interesting! It seems so simple, yet at the same time gives this quality of tension and anxiety every time the blood loss starts to arise! Awesome work!

This game starts at the 11:37 mark :) I love all SCP games, but even if I lacked such a bias, I'd still see this as an innovative game, haha. The idea of consistently going into dark locations, the part of horror games that creates a surmountable amount of fear, was so clever! 

It's the first game in the 3 Spooky Games compilation of mine. :) This was a very unique game, I loved how different it was in comparison to so many games out there today. The crawling effect really made things all the more terrifying! I hope to see more games from you! 

This game was frustratingly fun, haha. I didn't realize how bad of a cyclist I am and also just how scary tunnels can be... ALL FOR MY HAPPY MEAL.

This game was very fun and especially: very different! I enjoyed the refreshing change from most horror games!

This was such an amazing game. What's more terrifying than the things that can (and commonly do) happen in real life? I love this idea and episode one was above and beyond fantastic. I can't wait for more episodes, I will gladly pay for them!

I enjoyed this game quite a lot! I appreciate that the puzzles didn't hold back at all and it wasn't like many other games where everything has to be kept on "easy mode". Thanks for having faith that us players would be able to complete such a task! I can't wait to see the full game!!

Yaaaay! Super excited for Door 2! And also, I love the updates. The menu looks great and also the additions to the art. Keep on keeping on! 😁