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Honesetly a really cool little demo with some good ideas, it was very short but having inventory management, managing your characters time and health, i can definitely vibe with this :) keep up the good work, and ill definitely like to see more of this, seems like my kind of game even, im a big Resident evil fan and do love my inventory management haha, but keep it up, your doing amazing work

also did a video on it Visual

This was quite enjoying and wholesome, and a little thirsty, haha, but i enjoyed reading through this, and i like the actual gameplay section despite it not being that much but still fun to explore, great job, keep up the good work

i also did a video on it

This game was absolutely amazing, to the characters, the story, the development but was definitely the best and makes the game stand out is the art, the illustrations, the art is so good and i love how the characters pop out because they all have a sorting color tied to them, i would love to see more similar to this with this kind of artstyle, keep it up, amazing job :)

i also did a video on it

no problem:) keep up the good work, I'll definitely try out your other games sometimes 

This is so much so say about this game, the gameplay, the story, the art, the pacing, etc, so much o say that i don't really have time to write all my thoughts down, i will say that i enjoyed every bit of it and was hooked from the very first CG and i couldnt stop playing, was so amazing, emotional, and more, i loved it all and was easily my favorite VN i played thus far, i did a video on it and after i played it i voiced my thoughts on it right there to show how i truly feel about this novel, keep it up, i enjoyed it all.

Cute Little Game, Art is very good btw, you did an amazing job making this in such short time also

i did a video on it

This was really well done, i got so invested in it the first couple minutes i played, loved the art, music, the personalities of the characters, amazing job, and i loved the designs of the characters, how different their looks are really makes them stand out a lot more, keep it up!

also i did a video on it

I really enjoyed this little novel, it was very nice to play through and the different endings do give it some replay value, you all did a amazing job, my only actually complaint was properly with the art, the normal conversations weere just fine, its some of the CG, like the true ending CG was fine but the other CG 


like the one where you get a flash back with eduarda and her mom, kinda weird honestly, figured CG like the true ending felt much better in my opinion but everything else is a 10/10, so keep it up, i also did a video on this to

his was so amazing, i enjoyed every bit of this short novel, and despite it being short, felt like a full on game, amazing job, with the characters, the story that was told and the art was so clean looking and polished, keep up the good work

i also did a video on it

you did a really good job, i like going for all the endings and just playing through this, and i can see where the horror element is without giving spoilers, still caught me off guard, keep it up

i also did a video on this 

This was quite good, i look foward to seeing more, the characters are quite cute, and the choices you make have pretty big chances and the lore building that is there so far, i think this will be quite a good VN down the road.

Also i did a video on it, i added my own music to the video so its not mute the whole time, but i really did like getting all the endings.

Very good job, i enjoyed this alot, even though it was quite unfinished but its a demo, kinda comes with the territory but for what i played of i really enjoyed it, and like that choices actually meant something pretty big and wasnt so confusing so you dont know what route each choice will lead to, i look forward to seeing the finished product, i didnt bother going for the other routes since theres not all finished but plan on it when its fully finished, keep up the good work :)

Also did a video on it:

This little demo has so much work put into it, was more than just reading lines of dialouge in a text box, had lots of animations and drawing like watching a full fledged cutscene, even for a demo, this much of taken lots of work to make, so keep it up, i look forward to seeing more and what kind of story this VN will have 

Also did a video on it 

This was quite a good game honestly, i really enjoyed my time with it, i won't say more because spoils cause its much better if you dont know what your getting into just yet, but keep up the good work :)

Also did a video on it as well

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This was very adorable and cute game, even though it was just a demo, i kinda wanted tp play more. I love the music because its quite relaxing and chill in my opionion and i especially love the art style, not to many games have a extremely anime type style for everything, including gameplay, i thought helen was quite cute, not gunna lie, haha, but overall, keep it up, i look forward to see what happens next

also i did a short little video on it

Thank you, not bad playtime, especially for the first 2 episodes being absolutely free :)

how long do you think it would take to get through both episodes?

I did a video on this game

I really enjoyed what you put together here, it was short but lots of love and care was put into it, i could tell, definitely made me tense up just a little, keep up the good work

I also did a video on it, hope you enjoy it :)

no problem:) keep up the good work 

you have surpassed my expectations, i really thought there wasn't much going on here, a small parody and thats it, but i was sadly mistaken, i loved every moment of this novel that i played, it was fun, awesome, badass, honestly, i usually get bored of VNs because the seem very repetitive, but it didn't get that feeling quite, i was into it the entire time, i have 0 idea how many chapters your going to do but i honestly think you could put this on steam after your finished, i really think that it's that good so far, and if the other chapters are that good as chapter 1, than you honestly have a masterpiece here, keep it up

I did a video on it, its a longer video but you can definitely hear my reactions to sorting things, and not to spoil anything for new comings, that section where two characters talk back and forth after a sorting rock was thrown was just so far, i honestly laughed so hard at that, anyways, keep up the good work

A Video I did of the game

This game was quite good, loved the artwork/style, loved the little story it had, loved the characters, honesly, everything bout it was honestly quite good so far, can't wait to see lots more in the future, keep up the good work, i also did a video on it

mkay, keep up the good work!!! :)

i really enjoyed it. very cute artstyle, cute character. honestly, it's really short so theres not much to say about it besides just cute, the ending definitely was wholesome, and the game is actually about 20 minutes long, still a pretty quick read though, and i would like to see more, not just with wasabi but another one of this very overly cute style, i really liked. 

I did a video on it also, so everybody can see it

okay, but if you need the money, i will definitely help, so ask if you need my help to put it on steam

mmm...if you have chapter 2 already completed n ready, you just can't pay $100 because well you know, life, n the next week, if I donate $100, would you put chapter 2 on steam? Just so people can see it? I don't want you to make chapters 3-5 until you have time n are ready, don't what you to forego sleep just to make it, you know? But instead of chapter 2 just sitting there, I could give you the money to put it on there n I know alot of people enjoy it, heck, your chapter 1 I recorded got nearly 700 views, the demo only 500, where it's usually the other way around, but it's up to you, I really don't mind, we can put chapter 2 on steam than you can make chapter 3 whenever you actually got time n the resources to do it

how much does it cost to put a game on steam?

hi, its me again, i played your game on my youtube, go over a couple hundreds views so people seemed to actually really like but i had a question, wheres chapter 2? did chapter 1 not sale well enough? or are you really trying to make chapter 2 much better, was just curious. been several months since chapter 1

well, I'll definitely play the newer version when it releases, for your first VN, it's honestly better than most vns I have played, plus your new to VNs so I'm assuming with time, people will play this n other games you make n with this game actually quite good, I'll happily play more of what you create

For your first Visual Novel, this was really really good, not gunna say to much since i thinik it's best for people to experience this game, but you made something really good, and would love to play more games like this that you make, i did a video on it to, if people wanna watch it, but i wholeheartedly enjoyed every minute of it even though it was rather short, you did quite a good job.

keep it up! N I'm hoping this video can be used as a guide if people are stuck somewhere n need help:)

It was an okay game, though i had some problems with it most definitely

1. Sometimes when you jump, you slide causing you to hit another object because you can't jump or slide

2. Not the biggest problem but soon after you start there are these roadblock obstacles back to back, hit one, you hit all of them at once

3. You get toast in the game, helps you out which is fine but after you get the 2nd toast, if you lose, your 2nd run you can't get the toast again

4. sometimes after you turn into an animal from the 2nd toast and hit an obstacle, you just stop moving, getting softlocked.

5. I couldn't find a way to pause the game, meaning you have to complete that run or close the application

6. I actually just tried this, when i was trying to find a pause button, just hitting random keys to see if there was one, my game crashed suddenly

7. You can't play this game on a TV really, becasue the game just crashes, so easier fix, i got it working but starting the application than connecting an HDMI. but most people play on laptop so not the biggest issue

8. The time limit, to strict, now your undeniable lose a few times no matter what, but things like sliding after jumping or the bugs you encounter make it quite hard to make it in time unless you get a perfect run OR don't encounter any bugs, i encountered all these bugs and problems within 20 minutes of playing

I Stopped trying when i realized i probably wont make it in time for like another hour because of the bugs mostly and problems, the concept of the game doesn't bother me, actually quite fun, not gunna lie, just execution could be a bit better in my opinion

Here the video i did

Very Cute Game, i also like the characters and how they act, i like the fact that you pretty much hear both sides of their thoughts, what their thinking so it makes them more relatable, this wasn't half bad, and would of liked to see much more of their High School romance and see if they can make their love truly work.

I did a video on this game, enjoy! keep up the good work!