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the extra heart(and the rat) card would never get drawn to my hand, even with 3 uses of max tier tricky draw

nevermind,  I got it haha. good place to hide the answer, required a bit of thinking and solved something that felt weirdly useless

hmm, the rest of the puzzles seemed sensible and fairly reasonable to solve, but the chest in the bedroom seems to have no clues, I can't see any numbers anywhere

this is so ominous, thank you

very good game, all the arg elements worked like a charm, and once I figured out that it had arg elements seemed to be quite fitting, and it was fun to learn how to do a caesar-3 cypher, all in all, great job, the flies were my favorite character

what do I do after I get the rusted pendant, it doesn't seem like there's anything I am able to do

not ms. stretch :(((

she was so cute

I really cannot wrap my head around what to do next, I can't figure out what im supposed to search for, if anything, and the only places I can go are outside, or to the room with the phone that kills you, I already have 2 puzzle peices but I haven't the slightest idea what im missing to find the rest, it feels like ive searched for everything I can on the shelves, ive even opened the second bathroom, and it just feels like ive already found the only 4 significant things there, and since going outside kills you, and talking on the phone kills you I don't know what it is exactly that I need to d

im gonna play it again now, I need to see all the cute things again I love it, I love it so much

I love them I love them so much this makes me so happy thank you for making this im gonna go have a happy cry in the corner for a bit now I love them so much 

just got hit with that royalty free spy movie music and it's just the funniest shit to me for whatever reason

how does one get the good ending

trans lesbians hella cute, my only complaint is that it's so short, wish I could see more of them

the next update is already out to teir 2 patron subs, otherwise, it'll be out on the 7th

there is a key upstairs in cassies safehouse, it unlockes the forest

thanks for the help :

hey so how exacty do you recruit arlene to help with cassie? I've already talked to lin lin and fawn

the 7th, or nine days ago if you pledge $5 a month on patreon :)

that helped, thanks :)

so it starts just fine, and everything else seems to work like normal, but I can't move in the very beginning, am I dumb or is the game just broken on my end?