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Thank you so much for the comment. My aim was to have people take their time to explore, which is necessary to find out who was murdered and to discover what clue is of what significance.  I'm happy that you enjoyed the game and my artwork as well! It's actually all digital drawn in Photoshop with nothing but the help of my faithful mouse. 

I will look into your contest thank you for recommending it to me.


Omg thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I was all over the place when I saw your response, you made my day. And thank you for the critique as well, I will try and look into adding background music (it's one of those difficult things with Muse), but it will go on my list!

I'm so happy that you enjoyed the game and my artwork, I put a lot of work and love into this project and seeing people enjoying it just the same is more than I could ask for ;)

I love this game already, it's funny too.

Looking forward to the full game <3