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Filipe Bianchin

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I just love so much reading your devlogs <3

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Hello! Thanks for the kind words!

Fix My Heart Remake won't be free, and at the moment I'm just working on the remake, as soon as I finish the game I'll start new projects .

hahaha, of course no

This is just perfection!

The art of this game is so well made!
Amazing work!

Really interesting and original.
I loved it!

Thank you so much for playing my game!
I loved the video! <3

This is amazing!

Great game, really beautiful 1bit art!
Loved the gameplay!

Really well made, great work dude!

Also, thanks for the Fix My Heart references, very kind!

Very interesting and beautiful game, but if I keep spamming X I can keep jumping forever.
I think it's a bug, but it's a great game, good job!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I don't intend to update this game, you can play the full version by downloading the game.

The honor is that we can have your games, keep making these masterpieces!

Love u XD

Thank you so much for this feedback!

I played this game a long time ago but never gave feedback.

Like everything you make this game is amazing. You are a great inspiration to many people.

One day I want to make games as amazing as yours.

keep it up my friend! <3

Thank you!

At the moment I'm working in a remake of this game, so stay tuned for news!

Thanks for the feedback!

I made this game in about 3 days, it was just an idea that I wanted to put into practice, maybe one day I will make a bigger game with this idea!

Thank you for the kind words!

The game look so well made!

Can't wait to play the full version, great work guys!!!!

Thank you!

This game is very cute, the art is very simple but very beautiful, if you added some music it would be better. 

But you did a great job on this little game, keep it up!

yeah, but with some plugins I managed to make the controls a little playable.

No, I use a Drag and Drop engine called GBStudio, which allows me to make games for Gameboy, HTML and Analogue Pocket =D

it's not start button, it's button A or B

Try using another browser, I really don't know what could be happening.

Also my game is on sale right now, you can buy and play on an emulator if you want.

What appears for you not being able to play the demo?


Thank you :)

Thank you so much!!

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Keep an eye on my twitter for updates!!

I made the game imagining that it would be better to use the arrow keys and X to jump.

Thanks for the comment

Thank you so much!!

I'm very glad you liked it!

No hahaha It's a character from a game I made and lost it to a virus.

Good to know!

I'm glad you liked what I did!

But don't worry, I'll still make "easy" and chill games.

Thank you! 
Also, your game is looking very cool!

In the comments below you can find tips from other people :D

DId you liked it?

Thank you so much dude!