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Thanks, I'll do keep it for sure!

I've read through it, nice 🙂 and I am really glad to hear about one game of mine in such a public place, it's the first time something like this happened to me.

Thanks : ) 

I think so - and I am actually working on extending the game to have three levels.

And I plan to make a metroidvania racing game, whole hand drawn as this.

Really nice! I liked it.

I really like it # D

Everything's great - the particles, need of thinking, music, graphics... okay, the colours should be different. But not necessarily green and brown. Any nice color palette.

I didn't manage to find a tree after a few meters flawn... 

Except that, well made game

Beautiful color palette *u*

And everything else

Only the UI is a bit distracting ... and I am not a fan of relaxing games with no goal... 

Amazing work!

Well... The controls are good, but I had a little problem that I had no idea where to go, nor in which direction the finish line is... What about a minimap or something like that or some clues or changing color of background when I am getting closer to the finish or ...

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Thanks #D

I am currently working at extending the game to have more levels

Thanks : )

This place was actually intended as a little trap, but yeah, it's not really satisfying to get trapped there, so I'll probably fix that place.

And yeah, I plan to extend this game! I am happy with this game feel too.

Thanks :D I am so glad you liked it so much

Might I'll make a way bigger game with several levels like that one day...

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Thanks : ) Half of the credit goes to my brother, so I'll tell him. Okay, more than half, he drew everything what doesn't move there. :D

But I wouldn't call the movement faulty... It's just way different than usual. I pretty like it. It makes the game more interesting, in my opinion. But okay, some people might wouldn't like it.

Sounds like the game is much better now 👍

I'm glad you liked it 🙂

And yeah, the car handling wasn't perfect, but, you know, it's a car from standard assets.

Thanks for brighting up my day 😇

One of the best games here! (In my opinion)

I love the font, rather not change it.

I only don't like the music.

And both the character and color palletes are great looking.

Congrats! Nice work ^u^

Nice game! I only wish the selected menu button to be somehow marked as selected. (Easy way of doing this is to set the selected button not interactive.)

And I suggest to make the defeated knight fall of the horse.

And the progression is a bit slow - if I understood correctly, game over means deleting whole progress. So bigger rewards probably. Another option is not to delete the progress after a lose.

Thanks 🙂

Maybe pressing F would help you on the hill - it flips the car straight.

And yeah, I'll go and play your game 😁

The dealyed input is behaving weirdly. Better coding next time.

And the first level should be the easiest what you can think of. Which wasn't.

But looks and sounds good :)

One of the best games here!

And it is long right enough.

Visually empty, but you would need another person to make it, cos you couldn't have time to make an art too.

But you shouldn't make the the walls that dark, cos the floating text is hardly visible. And use some nice font next time.

I've really enjoyed it, though!

Clever idea! And there's some story behind it, that's nice. And visually great too, I only think the flashing light on the rover itself wasn't necessary... actually the rover whole would be made much better (visually). 

I miss some objects according to which I can orient in the world.

And I am pretty sure that the delay is more than 2.5 sec! It's around 4 sec which is way too much.

But it's really a good game, nice work.

Aha! Now I understand.

Write it probably into the description.

Nice! Really creative. Good audio. And great tutorial.

I just wish you used another font -- maybe this one. 

And I only don't like killing people, you know.

Pretty creative...

I just don't understand - is the lightning striking always at the same place? What means the "off by x meters" info then? Cos it show different numbers although I quickly click at the same place several times.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Yeah, maybe I'll improve the game some day. Then your recommendations will come handy.

Works well 👍

It just seems to me that it's sometimes steering weirdly.

Thanks ^^

I only wish I had time to add Post Processing effects.

And the trees are downloaded, you know.

Yeah, I totally agree. With everything you said. But, you know, the time... 

I can only say you can cheat ^^  The only option for everyone except me is to drive the cliffs up with the thrusters, I think.

Nice work!


Yeah, that's much better 👍, just the red (for links) is still hardly visible. Maybe some light blue?

Hello KamikazeCoPilot, I just want to say the text should be white, or the background should be brighter, it's really hardly readable. (Or maybe I'm blind >u<)