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Fight or flight

A member registered Jul 11, 2022

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It was my pleasure. If you have any games you want me to play! Just send me a message.  I will be more than happy to play them!

Short but sweet, I had a blast and recommend it! give it try!

That janitor is my worst fear made manifest!

I honestly love the principal speaking through the P.A. system. He was hilarious!

This game has it all, great atmosphere, good music, and 100% potato Chips with no Air! What more do you want from a game?!

Gotta say love the game. The retro visual gives a nice eerie feeling. I gotta say this was a gem hidden in the desert.

I am amazed at the simple but effective presentation. It lends itself well to the story being told, also I feel sorry for Melissa. Poor girl.

I had a blast with your game. The creepy atmosphere was a chief kiss!

Dang, This is like the finest of wines. I'm just sad it's a sample that left me wanting a bottle.

I love this game. The simple Visual and the fact it can fit my huge drawings have certainly impressed me. I can not recommend this game enough. Give yourself a treat and play this game! 

If I ever sleep again, It's not thanks to this game.

Any game with a jetpack gets an automatic win!

Thank you, I just wish my bird would stop using my mic as a perch.

A fun game with excellent visuals. It is worth your time to just play it.

I love the game. All, I will say is goddammit steve!


I had a blast playing this game. Too bad for those poor innocent souls.

The has some serious PT vibes and I'm all for it!

I am impressed with how the game kept the tension with proper sound and well-placed mind games with how the map is made, combined with the flashlight mechanic.

The atmosphere is top-notch and leads to the perfect ending. My poor heart ended up throbbing in my chest at light speed.

I got some twilight zone surrealness vibes from this, and I loved it!