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Having an old color palette is pretty cool for letting people use them with a different lore - beta, past, GB v GBC. That'd be cool to add!

When you see her in the hall getting the door, check the cabinet section on the left

It can be different for some PCs, but if you Google "Renpy Persistent Save" you can find where on the system it saves the persistent files for your Renpy games. Move that over and should be good.

They're random objects in certain scenes. If you go to Gallery -> Hidden Renders, you can click on them for a hint of which episode and scene they're in.

Hot damn, why did this have to be so good? I'm so picky on visual novels and their quality of writing I've only ever spent money on two before. I couldn't even wait a whole 24 hours after the first chapter before becoming a supporter so I could read the 2nd chapter.

Seriously, awesome, and cannot wait to see what for the next chapter!

Awesome! I'm not sure how to add someone directly on Discord, but sent you a message through Twitter. I'm @theBrewCuban on there.

Is there any chance you would take a commission to make another weapon like these swords? They're amazing, and wondering if I can commission for one.

Looks like whoever it is took down the asset page, but they were claiming to have drawn the candy cane and gift boxes from this asset pack.

Hey, is someone trying to rip off your assets?

Thanks for playing Waldschatten. No though, the version on itch is just the base game, with the extra chapter being on the Steam DLC only.

Perfect, thanks!

Are these all 16x16, or some other size?

All of the art was commissioned, except for the UI which was free.

Ending Art Piece with Main Character:

Background Art Pieces:


I love the background piece. Is there any chance you do commission pieces?

That makes sense; good to know. And thanks for letting me it's alright to edit the pieces for RPG Maker.

I gotcha. Thanks for letting me know so fast, and for the link to the vampires! And yeah, I found the lava where you it'd be. I appreciate it!

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When I downloaded the pack, the base tileset doesn't include chara1 or vampire sets. Is there any way to get them at the smaller size? Actually, I noticed the doors and lava aren't included at each size either.

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I bought this the other day, and wondering if the available tiles are the same across each version? The base tileset seems to have more water and inside items than the RPG Maker stuff. Also I saw some more inside-house tile options in the base set than the RPG Maker sizes.