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Congratulations on the final release! Really enjoyed playing it through and the music kicks ass. :)

Was going back through the jam and it seems itch ate my comment?! I enjoyed the feel of the swinging once I got the hang of it. I was able to get a high score of around 15-20 from memory, and it felt good to try and aim off the buildings to hit a bird and gobble it up as I passed by. The swing physics could definitely be used to make a larger game if you had time, good work!

The swing physics feel really nice! Highest score was 14, I got into a good rhythm of lining up birds with the rebound from the buildings and just clicking to touch them on the way through and keeping my momentum going. I think the mechanic could definitely be the foundation for a longer game if you wanted iterate. Nice work mate!

Tricky controls but I think that's part of the fun and difficulty of it! Great work for how quickly you put this together. Upgrade system, great effects, fun sense of becoming OP, pretty crazy for like 12 hours! Also huge props for making the hextopus model available to the community, that's awesome work. 

Good work mate! The animations on the player character are really well done, I loved the idle animation with the little tentacle flicks. 😁 I had a couple of bugs with the enemies not following me which made it impossible to finish (mushroom man wouldn't let me jump on him!) but I still enjoyed the run through.

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Really well executed idea, nice work! I had a great time trying to first beat it and then see how fast I could get through. There were a few occasions that showed visual/physics glitches where the player could get stuck fully within a wall, and another where the tentacle appeared to be searching for a wall by flicking out at different angles. But they were very rare and didn't impact gameplay. Great work! Loved the little details like the blinking eye and lighting.

Hey Mr Coughlin!

I finally got around to drifting through your game. You can watch me chill out here:

I really enjoyed my time in the aquarium; I have a soft spot for them because that's where my wife and I first met! Hope to see many more soothing experiences from you and Caleb! :)

Hey sharedcontrol!

I had a lot of fun scratching my head but I finished this one with a little bit to spare! you can watch me play through here (that should link to the timestamp but if it doesn't you can go to YT and click through the description):

There's some thoughts as I play through that may be helpful but overall I really enjoyed it. Thanks for a great game, I had a lot of fun playing it. :)

Hey FartSatchel!

I played your game and got what I think is a fairly respectable score here:

I had some comments on a few things you might think about to improve the flow of it, but overall I was really impressed with the concept and execution, good work! Thanks for making such a fun game :)

Hey Spenny! I stumbled my way through your game over here: 

It was really fun! I can imagine this being a fungame to play with friends while drunk on wizard stout. :D

Hey Atte!

I (eventually) really dug the game mechanics/verbs on this one a lot. You can watch me swear a bit and get frustrated and then eventually really get into it here (hopefully that links to the timestamp but if it doesn't you can go to YT and skip using the description):

I think the gameplay has a looot of variations you could explore and make a really compelling game here. Thanks for making it!

Hey Gamepopper!

I was so impressed with the level of polish on this one! I'm not especially good at general knowledge/pop culture but I enjoyed trying to wrack my brains to remember those iconic phrases. :)

You can watch me playing it through here if you want to:

Thanks and congrats on finishing in WJ7!

Hey rubixsqube!

I loved this so much. My protests at not knowing anything about Frasier were very soon put to rest. You can watch me play it through here if you like:

Thanks for making such a polished and weird and good thing. :)

Hey Zirrus!

I played through your game and got way too scared by the mosquitos here:

I love the atmosphere of the environment you've made, hope you keep going with it!

Hey Teljoor!

I made a weird bird mouth monster during my playthrough of your game here (this should hopefully link to the timestamp of when I was playing your game):

Thanks for making a really fun experience! Love the graphics style, that's something you should definitely explore more :)

Hey Koholos! I played your entry (and totally missed the point for a little while but eventually remembered what I was I was playing) and really liked it. The vid should hopefully link to when I started playing your game.

Thanks and congrats! :)

Hey Tomi! I played through your game here: 

Congrats on a fun and innovative game! :)

Thanks for playing! Yeah I tried to make it as chill as possible so people could enjoy the story and such. :)

Hey wormo! It seems to be working fine for me at the moment and for a few other people that have played through it, so do you have an error showing or anything? Should be able to just extract and run the .exe. 

Hey, I'm not sure why but it seems my reply disappeared? Anyway, I've uploaded a new version with a cheat code to skip rooms! Hit the end key on your keyboard to skip any room you get stuck on. Thanks for playing! :D

Hey DoodleBear! Very soon I will upload a new version of the game (v2) and I will include a lil' cheat code in there so that you can hit the 'end' key on your keyboard if you want to skip rooms. Keep that between us though! ;)

Thanks! I think that one was the most interesting to design, too, as I didn't base it off any game I knew. Plus I had to do some paper prototyping. Paper! Thanks again for playing, really appreciate it. :)

Great stories, I'd never read a twine story before but I like the interactivity. Good work!

Hey, this was a really cool little scene. I liked the set pieces a lot, there was a good sense of pacing behind them. Really well done for the time limit and the title, nice work!

Hey, I really like this concept and I think you could really build on it by gradually introducing different requests that require the player to learn the language gradually. It's like a mini-Witness type thing! Good work, love the grunts of the vikings and the artwork. :)

This is like a babyvania! Unfortunately I couldn't play through as my arrow keys stick something terrible, but well done on making a nice platformer! :D

Hey, I really like the idea of the dual screen interaction between making sure your pet is happy and that affecting your ability to damage the enemy. I think with a bit of polish this could be a really fun game! Great work :)

This was a fun vignette! Loved the moonwalking joke and the ending, always good to see humour in games :D

That was a fun ride! I did a sweet jump off the first crate thing and landed very near the finish line. Fun little game!

That was excellent! Just played through and finished it without really noticing I got the key from a ghost. But highly entertaining and I loved the drake remix playing over the top, and the credits sequence. :D

Hey, pretty much what TG said, solid framework for more mechanics and content. Nice one! :D

Fantastically subtle, really great stuff. Felt like there was a lot of hidden lore behind this one :)

I loved the hand-drawn enemies! The controls felt a little loose, but you could just say it was like Dark Souls :P Great work mate!

This was so much damn fun! This would be the perfect party game if you could hook up two players to it. Maybe one player as the King? :D

Hey, great jam game. I liked the concept, however I wasn't ever sure if I was adding to a combination or restarting one. But the art style really suited the monster energy brand :D

Fantastic entry! This is exactly what a community-based jam game should be :D

Loved the watercolour artwork, and the gameplay was pretty challenging BUT interesting for that. More handmade stuff in games needs to happen.

Great work man! Really loved the environments and the little spice turds. That end sound was incredibly scary, freaked me out a little. Thanks for the game! :D