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It's available for download directly on the game page. Please let us know if you still have trouble!

Raw, emotional, and beautiful. A true work of art and literature.

Thanks as always, dogstarlite! :)

Thanks so much, Mado! Despite its small size, we really poured our hearts into this one. We're glad it paid off. <3

Thanks so much for playing and enjoying our short little tale! We're glad we were able you leave an impact on you in such a small amount of time.

Maybe the point isn't to figure out how it happened, instead to bask in the emotions of the situation

This is exactly what we're going for. We definitely wanted to leave the story and the relationship within ambiguous and open to interpretation.

Thanks again!

Howdy WitcherQueen,

UAN: Daybreak is already available on steam. You can find it here!

Glad you enjoyed. :')

Crafting a short story that leaves an impact on players is definitely a tough feat, so this compliment means a lot to us. Thank you!

Despite its small size, we really poured our hearts into this one. Glad it shows!

The music ain't half bad either. ;)

This game is so creepy and weird... we loved it!! Our team adores games that are able to utilize simple visuals to compliment a dark story, and this Josie's Rapture does a phenomenal job of that.  The unique visual direction really adds to the unsettling experience, and the audio definitely heightens the creep factor. Awesome work!

This game is so cute! Even the mini-game, which we don't usually like in visual novels, was perfectly fine... fun, even! With adorable visuals, a unique style, and fun little animations, this short game definitely made our team smile. :) The only thing it could have benefitted from is some music!

Absolutely gorgeous art, unique use of the O2A2 format, and a surprisingly poignant story for the short wordcount. Excellent work. Congrats!

What fantastically rich lore for such a small game!!

A lovely little story with a very compelling and handsome demon, and absolutely fabulous art. Great work!

Thanks so much for playing our bite-sized visual novel! We really enjoyed your playthrough. We're glad the story was clear, despite the short length. This game was developed for the O2A2 visual novel jam, which has a length requirement of no more than 1000 words, hence the single-serving size. Hope that helps to explain why we couldn't divulge too much about our poor farmboy's backstory. ;)

Daybreak doesn't reveal this, but RoD definitely will!

Howdy, Ceri!

Thanks for the questions.

Have you played Up All Night: Daybreak, yet? It’s a short, free kinetic visual novel following the events of Rumination. Katie and Nick were definitely a thing in Rumination, but after the passage of time the two have parted ways as a couple. ...For now. Daybreak sheds a little more light on this.

1. We’re not sure about the ending count for RoD just yet, but definitely at least 10 and likely a lot more; ranging from short and sweet to long and dramatic. We intend for RoD to be much larger-scale than the original Up All Night, which means a lot more ways to die endings to explore.

2.Yes, RoD follows the events of the Up All Night ‘true end’ in its entirety thus far, including the Rumination ‘true end’ and Daybreak.

3.Yes, Felix plays a prominent role in RoD, both indirectly and directly. Grayson as well in some capacity, though her role isn’t as directly involved in the main plot as Felix’s.

4. Yes. Mainly as pertaining to Felix, but we have some other LGBTQ+ elements we’re planning to work in as well. It’s not the main focus of the story/plot, but LGBTQ+ representation is important to us as a team, and it’s an element we entirely intend to work into the story and characters.

And thanks for the indie horror recs… We haven’t heard of the others, but our team actually checked out FAITH. It was very cool, even though we sucked at the mechanics. Ended up watching a playthrough instead. :’) Out of the others, Bramble definitely seems the most up our alley. We’ll definitely have to check these out!

Thanks so much, Jekyll! We appreciate the kind comment along with the positive review. We're glad you enjoyed!!

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Thanks so much for playing... we're glad you enjoyed!

Our team liked watching your playthrough, as well. While we don't have a Reaper's Rite sequel planned, our farmboy and his flirty demon friend may just make a cameo in one of our upcoming games, so you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for Remnants of Dawn. ;) Also, we totally agree about the voice acting... Brandon really knocked it out of the park.

Thanks again!

Hi IronSnail,

Sorry for the late response, but thank you for the question!

The short answer: No. We don't plan to have a game specifically tailored to Grayson fans (although we can tell you definitively that most of the dev team prefers werewolves to vampires).

The long answer: No. Daybreak is a short interlude between the events of Up All Night and the upcoming sequel, Remnants of Dawn. Felix is a large player in this particular game, as his hundred-year-old supernatural soul is stronger and more adept at connecting with the external world than Grayson's. That said, you can expect to see Grayson return in Remnants of Dawn. Though her role may not be as prominent as in the original Up All Night, we promise Grayson fans will get their happy ending! .......Well, happy may be a stretch, but you will definitely see her in the sequel.

We hope this answers your question. If you haven't played Rumination yet we definitely recommend doing so, as while Grayson doesn't make a direct appearance, most of the plot revolves around Nick delving into her past.

Thanks for playing... and Stay Fiendish!

Thank you so much!! We're glad our little bite-sized game had such an impact on you, despite its tiny size. While we don't have any immediate plans for a Reaper's Rite sequel, you'll definitely want to keep an eye on our page... our farmboy and his demon friend may just make an appearance in some of our upcoming content. ;)

Thank you so much!!

Goodness gracious, the opening to your vid made us laugh!! Thanks so much for playing and enjoying our little game... despite limited on assets, our team really poured their all into it.

While we don't have any immediate plans for a Reaper's Rite follow-up, keep your eyes open... you may catch a glimpse of our farmboy in one of our upcoming titles. ;)

Thanks so much for the kind comment, ghost! We're glad our little story left such an impact on you. :)

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Wow, thanks so much for the detailed and thoughtful comment, snixiy!

We're thrilled that our short little story managed to leave such an impact on you. Brandon definitely knocked it out of the park with their voice acting, and they were a joy to work with... we love how they brought both the demon and the farmboy to life.

Your comment has also brought a big smile to our artist's face. He definitely pushed himself with both the composition and colours in this illustration, and we're so glad it paid off.

We're excited to have a new fan and follower! If you enjoyed this short little bite-sized visual novel, you'll definitely enjoy our other work. ;)

Thanks again!!

Thanks so much, BlancoKix! We're glad you liked the game, and we really enjoyed your playthrough. :)

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Howdy, CozyChamomileChaos!

There are two bad ends... here's how to achieve both. Please let us know if you have any more trouble. Cheers!




To achieve the first:
You're the liar!
It's worth it
You deserve imprisonment

To achieve the second:
You're the liar!
It's worth it
How do we break it?
Touch the glass

The two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive... ¬‿¬

Thanks so much, dogstarlite!

We're glad you enjoyed! And if you're interested in what happens to these two in the good end, keep your eyes open for our upcoming sequel to Up All Night... they may just make an appearance. ;)

Can't thank you enough!!

This means so much to our small team. Pretty much everyone brought their A game to this project, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the work everyone put out. Even though it's such a small game, we really gave it our all; and we're so thrilled that so many folks have been enjoying it so thoroughly. We really appreciate your kind comment, and thanks so much for playing!

Wow, thanks so much for the kind and thoughtful comment, Carrot! Your enthusiasm always blows us away. :)

We agree... Brandon did a phenomenal job bringing both characters to life. We couldn't be more thrilled with their performance, and we're so glad it paid off!

We tried something different for the art in this game, employing a background modeler to create a 3D bathroom which our artist then sketched over. It was a huge boon as it saved him a huge amount of time, effort, and pain, and he was able to focus more on the things he excels at -- character art, expressions, and color. He especially had a lot of fun setting the scene with a unique color palette. We're glad his efforts shine through!

Our musician also knocked it out of the park with a single, seven-minute-long track. He always goes way harder than he has to, but he always does a fantastic job.

We're so glad you caught on to the subtlety of the farmboy taking the place of David as the sacrifice, too! We were a little worried folks wouldn't catch on to this since you can only express so much in 1000 words. Happy to hear our writer's efforts to add this little detail paid off. :)

Anyway, thanks again for playing... we're so glad you enjoyed!!

Thanks so much! We agree, Brandon totally knocked it out of the park with their performance. The bad end is definitely poetically tragic... our writer always does a phenomenal job tackling the idea of no such thing as a perfect ending. There will always be sacrifices. In this case, maybe literal. ;)

Thanks again for playing!

Thanks so much!!

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Wow... Disturbing and poignant. Our team really enjoyed this short, dark examination of humanity. We especially loved the gory, visceral imagery. Fantastic work!

Gorgeous art, gorgeous story, gorgeous use of UI... congratulations on a gorgeous release. Absolutely love this little game.

I know he has his reservations, but I'm confident this guy would be a very popular streamer. Get in the game, my dude!

This little game made our team laugh a lot. So charming!!

We love himbos in this household~ (◡‿◡✿)

Much appreciated!! We look forward to playing your entry too, when we can find the time. ;)