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I think if you can't find your download info in an email, maybe you can find it on your My Purchases page?

This was fantastic! I really liked it! I'm definitely going to get the full game after it comes out.

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I may be reading this wrong, but it looks like the version on (Oct 2016) is over a year out of date for patches compared to the Steam version (Dec 2017 beta(?), March 2017 stable).

Also, I noticed that it doesn't save progress after the intro sequence, even though it says it does. You have to play a full day before it saves for real. I thought the saving was broken at first, but not quite! Confusing.

I'm curious to see what Sundae Month does for their next projects!

This was a great read. The dialogue is full of Powerful Energy!

Oh my gosh, this was such a delight to read! I smiled and giggled the whole way through. ^^

This is excellent and I had a great time playing it ^u^

Thank you, that seems to have worked perfectly!
I'm looking forward to playing comfortably and seeing what all your game has to offer ^^

While using a Dualshock 4, the game stops responding to input whenever I begin a level/die/finish the level. Playing on my keyboard is really exhausting! But I've had a lot of fun so far. 

You seem to have a knack for making games that are unique, cool, and very satisfying and fun to play, but which end up being easy repetitive levels/scenarios over and over and over. I would like to see where you take your game design in the future!

Oh gosh this is so good!