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Sweet! I'll give it a try later this afternoon, thanks so much!

It just hangs. I can try to leave it for longer to see if it ever launches, but the 25% of the time it does run successfully, it just loads pretty much instantly.

So, it was still freezing, but I've managed to have a litttle bit more luck running it?

Here's a player.log from a sucessful run:

vs a current unsuccessful one:
The difference really seems to be in that VK_ERROR_DEVICE_LOST line, and I can't quite figure out what's caused that. Tried glancing at a couple things, like alt-tabbing from the game or making sure the HMD was not in sleep mode, but no luck.

This seems the right time to note that I'm using nvidia-driver-440 on my 980 Ti, specifically apt pulls the version as 440.82+really.440.64-0ubuntu6 amd64. Juuuust in case that helps.

Just tried to the same effect. I also tried creating a steam_appid.txt file and putting the game's steam appID from the store page on there, still freezing.

Thanks so much for responding!

Locomancer community · Created a new topic Linux Freezes

Running the game's linux build, I keep hitting a complete freeze/crash. The unity splash screen loads if SteamVR is already up, and displays in my HMD (directional even, which I noticed because the HMD was upside down on my bed once, but past that point, the application freezes. I've been able to have it load to what looked like a menu screen once, but it still froze up and crashed, and I'm frankly not sure what miracle caused it to work that one time. Anytime this happens, it freezes to where I need to force-quit/sigkill.

The terminal output in such a case:

and player.log:

Running a GTX 980 Ti, i7-4790k, on basically xubuntu 20.04 ("basically" as it's technically an ubuntu server install with the xubuntu-desktop metapackage installed, but that's besides the point), using a regular Vive setup, steamVR version 1.12.5

When seeing the libopenvr issues, I grabbed the libopenvr-api1 and then libopenvr-dev packages from the ubuntu repos, but that didn't change anything.

I'll keep poking at this, but I thought I'd let you know where my issues are currently in case there's some obvious thing I missed?

you'll want to open a terminal and run "chmod +x HARDCODED_demo"

if you use Nautilus or Thunar as a file manager,you'll right click, go to "properties", "permissions", then check the box "mark this program as executable", or similar.

from there, in a terminal you just (while in that folder) do "./HARDCODED_demo", and in a file manager you double click it.

This was fantastic and made for a really enjoyable stream. We needed something this hopeful.

The key rebinding, at least on the linux version, on the initial launcher doesn't seem to do a lot besides rebind movement. That was a little frustrating and we just had to switch from Dvorak back to qwerty to guide the acorns, but otherwise, this was great.

I only played to one ending, with Delphine, because I didn't want to spoil things too heavily for my viewers in case they wanted to play! I may go for the other endings on my own another time, though! Also, I definitely will check out future games and demos ^.^

I streamed this and absolutely adored it - I really liked that working within the time constraint, the game took advantage of that to portray something forced to be short for the characters, and Delphine was such a sweetheart <3

I'll happily admit to having gotten a bit teary-eyed for a moment towards the end. Great job c: