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Mx. Ace Fucking Jaycee

A member registered Nov 07, 2016

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This was fantastic and made for a really enjoyable stream. We needed something this hopeful.

The key rebinding, at least on the linux version, on the initial launcher doesn't seem to do a lot besides rebind movement. That was a little frustrating and we just had to switch from Dvorak back to qwerty to guide the acorns, but otherwise, this was great.

I only played to one ending, with Delphine, because I didn't want to spoil things too heavily for my viewers in case they wanted to play! I may go for the other endings on my own another time, though! Also, I definitely will check out future games and demos ^.^

I streamed this and absolutely adored it - I really liked that working within the time constraint, the game took advantage of that to portray something forced to be short for the characters, and Delphine was such a sweetheart <3

I'll happily admit to having gotten a bit teary-eyed for a moment towards the end. Great job c: