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Thank you so much. :) 
Its going to be very simple animation-wise as a means to save on time. 
Going for no-budget animation. 

Its going to be more of a skit at the beginning and then its more of a traditional YouTube video. Though I am considering animating an actual story-driven show. But, its something I'd have to think about. 

Ooo gonna use these to make backgrounds for my web series. 
I shall credit you and donate when I can. :)
Its perfect too since I'm going for a cartoony art style. 

Any chance of getting png/gif overlays? 

I have made multiple states for different emotions. But, I'm starting to realize that making states for the same animations is getting tiresome. 

Still, I think this is a great app btw.  This isn't a review. Just a request.

Sorry. Life got complicated. :( 

Hey folks. Sort of decided to take a small break from game dev. But, if I see a jam in the future, I'll definitely take part. 

Привет, ребята. Типа решил сделать небольшой перерыв в геймдеве. Но, если увижу джем в будущем, обязательно приму участие.

Hello! Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Telegram.

Здравствуйте!К сожалению я не знаком с Telegram.

Would you like to exchange discords? 

Хотели бы вы обменяться дискордами?

Sure! Sounds fun! 

Конечно! Звучит весело.

I make 3D models in Blender. 

Делаю 3D модели в Blender.

Absolutely. :) 

Depends on the artstyle. For cartoony simple shapes I can model something quite well. For more realistic characters I tend to use base meshes and work from there.

For translating I've been using google. And, my browser tends to automatically translate which is nice.

Абсолютно. :)

Зависит от художественного стиля. Для мультяшных простых форм я могу что-то смоделировать довольно хорошо. Для более реалистичных персонажей я обычно использую базовые сетки и работаю на их основе.

Для перевода я использую Google. И мой браузер имеет тенденцию автоматически переводить, и это приятно.

I also know a bit of GDScript, but its something I would need to read my notes on if using that engine. 

Я также немного знаю GDScript, но мне нужно будет прочитать свои заметки, если я буду использовать этот движок.

Unity C# coding, 3D modeling, music production and a bit of animation. 

Программирование на Unity C#, 3D-моделирование, создание музыки и немного анимации.


Awesome! And my pleasure. :D
Google translation has gotten better in my opinion. 

Потрясающий! И мое удовольствие. :D

Гугл-перевод, на мой взгляд, стал лучше.

Hello! I noticed that the jam page is in Russian (I think. Sorry if I got that wrong). 

I was wondering if its okay if I join even though I speak English. I wouldn't mind translating any text to Russian as a means to accommodate.


Здравствуйте! Я заметил, что страница на русском языке (могу ошибаться. Извините, если не прав).

Мне было интересно, нормально ли, если я присоединюсь, несмотря на то, что я говорю по-английски. Я бы не прочь перевести любой текст на русский для удобства.

Hey hey! I decided to give you a shout out on my newest post if thats okay. Thank you for being so encouraging. :) 

Absolutely! Oo those are some good ones. I'm going to write them down. 

Thank you so much. Your comments are very nice.

Thank you! I'll definitely give those market places a shot. 

Oy oy! More is coming, All the kind comments have inspired me to get back to this. 

PSX Inspired Pack 2 : What assets would you like to see? - Ps1 Inspired Furniture, Appliances, And Others by FictitiousCtrlGames (

Good news; I've started making more. They will be uploaded in a few days, likely. Maybe less. I have made a thread for folks to throw idea's at me if they would like. 

PSX Inspired Pack 2 : What assets would you like to see? - Ps1 Inspired Furniture, Appliances, And Others by FictitiousCtrlGames (

Oh, its a-comin'. 
I have made a thread for folks to offer ideas. 

PSX Inspired Pack 2 : What assets would you like to see? - Ps1 Inspired Furniture, Appliances, And Others by FictitiousCtrlGames (

I have started a thread specifically for folks to comment on what they want to see. Getting started on some new assets soon. :) 

PSX Inspired Pack 2 : What assets would you like to see? - Ps1 Inspired Furniture, Appliances, And Others by FictitiousCtrlGames (

Your game looks wonderful btw! 

If I'm being honest, I struggle with adhd to an extent that its hard for me to keep up with tasks. However, I am considering making after seeing all this positive feedback. 

My pleasure! Thank you for using em.

I might charge a cheap price for for another asset pack.

I try to make things free, but eventually I'd like to turn some sort of artform into employment. :) 

I'll see if build simple mechanics that also encourage role playing.

Can we have something on the first page functions as a small character sheet? 
Like, perhaps three attributes in a list? 

Howdy. This is pretty fun. Trying to inspire myself with these Journaling RPG's.

I was wondering, what

'K: Full portrait who travels through paintings' is supposed to refer to. 

I understand that it's up to interpretation, so, I've just been interpreting it as 'a painting is involved.' for simplicities sake.  

The 'traveling through paintings' part, I mostly ignore for now. :P 

Hilarious concept! Can't wait to play! 

I started to play only to realize that I need a GM lol. And, I'm a loser with no friends. :P 

But, reading through it, and imagining it, was fun on its own. Like the art work too. 

Super neat! Going to give it a try. :D

Definitely giving this a try. :) Been trying to get into Journaling RPG's for a while. 

Immediately love it for its hilarious introduction. 

Awesome! Thank you so much for the comment. :D
I haven't continued work on this in a long time. But, if its in demand I could make more in the future.