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I need the music clip separately, it stuck in my head. Cound'n find it on Elvendan's SoundCloud, so I came back here

The game looks and sounds very nice, but gameplay sometimes can be frustrating due to unpredictable and fast pacing. 

Yay! I've finished the game after fourth attempt!

Game seems to have solid gamedesign, but I cannot understand it. I cannot move to another tile. If you expand this mechanic ti a wider field, wider gameplay, add metagame, it will be great.

From these options its winds and currents. But overall I think we need technologies.  All other features are nice too, but increase of complexity is the main way to increase value of the game.

Love this game. So nice. Had a true pleasure playing. Thank you. I'm an experienced fan of RTS, loved AoE1&2 in my teenage years. Thing I really miss is hotkey for quick selection of a free villager. 

I've not played apex legends because I hate wasting my time on AAA- EA games lootboxes battle royale bullshit conveyor, but had played your game and it's awesome! Of course it lacks some stuff like character selection and maybe different gun styles.