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The game is great, i love the mechanics and the focus of the game, everything is builded around moving, jumping a dashing around, and it works in the context of the game, like crossing your arms before breaking down enemys on your way, it makes you feel like a hero that can't never stop and has to keep running around.
The game is really fun, it has some level design Problems, but nothing unsolvable,it has a really good artistic style, and with some more focus on it, the game could deliver a really original and fun experience.
I really advice to try it out.

Alright so, this is actually really good, you've done a great job trying to give that nostalgia feeling. Some advice tho: The camera behind the player is weird, maybe it should be positioned a little bit higher on the player or a little bit more far away from his back, because actually a large part of the screen is occupied by the character.
There is a bug too, entering the shed before the boat, the camera changes fast and the controls are relative to the camera, so you can end up going in and out of the shed, making cameras shake hard, not understanding how to get out of that situation. Try to make a little transition, so this doesn't happen, or make the controls relative to player and not to the camera.
With this said, this is great, keep it on bro!

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So i played this game on the Haunted ps1 games, and Good Job, you brought me back to the day i was playing Re1 and 2 on ps1, if you objective was to give that type of feeling, you 100% got it.

Feedbacks Are never enough i think as a Dev, so i'll try to give you mines from a Design prospective:

Everything works perfectly, for now the best one of the demo imho, but taking nothing away from the others that are really good demos.
I found hard seeing the Garage key, maybe colors i think, but it could be the fact that i couldn't see it (Screen colors maybe, dunno)
You builded tension very well, so well that you brought me down a bit at the end, not cause was bad, but i builded so much that i tought something more was going to happen, like a Run-Away section, we can say i was waiting for the scary moment, but the end wasn't that scary
Overall, Op work Buddy.
Keep it up, i want to see the end of the game now :)

So i started Playing some of this games, and Good Job guys, you brought me back at the days where after playing horror games on Ps1 i struggled for sleeping.