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y'all work real hard and i honestly admire and respect all you do to make this one of the best sex comedy games out there, AND a fantastic kart game!

the animation and art as they exist are very lovely and well done! Looking forward to future updates!

even during vacation month, hard at work!

👍 thanks for the reassurance. I will be taking a look at your game soon!

As stated in reply to swat6p's comment, I would like some reassurance of some kind that this is not in fact a bitcoin trojan.

Yeah if Bitcoin miners are involved I REALLY want some reassurance that this project is on the level at all rather than just a way to kill my computer.

Go to the mall at various times. I kept trying to get Isabel's event at noon (still haven't been able to get it for some reason) and at some point Mikosh's event triggered. Can't say much more than that, sadly.

Just dropping by to say, you are doing amazing with this game! Love the world you've created and the characters you've written. Best of luck out there!

Just back to say: Mikosh is ADORABLE and she's a true delight! You write fantastic characters!

Really fun and inspired puzzles! None of them felt too out of my reach, and the progression let us learn as we went. Fab work!

That's a lot of new stuff! Looking forward to playing it. Enjoy your vacation! You have certainly earned it

when downloading, the .exe only produced a black window. I'm on Windows10, if that makes any difference.

I love your work so I hope that i can get to see what this is all about, too!

Pretty and moderately horny indeed. Interesting to see the base loop on the right, though even as a programmer my Pure Math knowledge was not able to keep up.

Intriguing and a fun play!

Taking time for your health is not lost time! Take care of yourself, and progress will come in time. We can wait!

Best of luck out there and stay safe

Just finished up to "Thanks for playing", and I gotta say

Your work remains astounding! Great balance of comedy, drama and sexy. I'm really interested in seeing how the story continues!

Best of luck out there!

i AM enjoying it tho. That is just an observation. 

thanks for the answer!

i feel i must second this. No malice assumed, but a wider variety of skin tones would be neat

One quick question, if we gray-out on a girl, will we still be able to befriend them? It happened on one but it seems like she's still going to be part of the story with another girl, and I'm curious if this just locks out sex scenes but keeps the regular friendship going? 

Mostly cus i rather think that a no-sex friendship kinda fits that one girl, but that's just my opinion.

Love what you've got going!

darn, i must've missed it. Hopefully I won't next year! Love this sex comedy game you've made!

Glad i finally decided to give the game a try, you made a fascinating world! You're a great writer, really looking forward to whatever may come in the future from your work!

Loving the 2022 event! However, the 2020 event still says that it will return later. Did it last for only a couple days? 

Interesting world and character! Not big into either the protagonist nor the queen, but the game's got spirit!

Fun, quick game. Simple and feels very responsive! Loved the little humour in the gallery!

Fun minigame! Looking forward to seeing what else is added!

Got a glitch where I had 3 aces, then drew a 9 and it counted as a bust.

Fun! Could use a way to swap between communication channels a bit faster (maybe quick-scroll between saved ones?), but otherwise it's a pretty solid game!

i love maeve, this is a beautiful illustration!

Good to hear that therapy's teaching you some useful work/life balance tips!

Best of luck out there!

the hype is real!

Im ok with waiting and having the updates combined, personally.

Looking forward to the updates!

A food item she likes just to see her reaction?

I am seconding having the issue with the enemies in the minigame sliding to the right when in contact with obstacles, rendering them invincible. The bullets you shoot also are unable to go behind objects even if the player can, they disappear on collision with the sprite rather than the box the player actually collides with

Stay safe out there

Stay safe, you are the main priority. Best of luck out there

loved seeing more of davasha! thank you for updating, and i'm looking forward to whatever may come next!

This is pretty good! The art style is very cute, and i quite enjoyed moving around in the world! The jump could use slightly more verticality or the horizontal speed could be slightly faster for some of the jumps (or a double jump in the future?), but otherwise feels good to move around!

The weapons could use a buff, but all in all, really liked what you've got so far! Looking forward to whatever may come next

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Seems like after finishing the final level, there is no way to return from the Thanks screen that links to the steam and patreon pages. At least I couldn't find one, and i was hoping to replay some of the prior levels!

Well, just wanted to say you sure got me right in the feelings with this update. Well done, even seeing it coming, it still hurt. I look forward to whatever may be in store in the future!

Rest and take as long as you need. Your health and well being are more important than dev. Best wishes!