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Come ho avuto modo di dire altrove, questa cosa incredibile rende il tuo gioco immediatamente e innegabilmente un CLASSICO :D

What's the meaning of the  "indian-like ascetic" guys at the end of the game... I see they come when you delete all the energy lines on the back. And the meaning of the stones with the white drapes? I think they can represent the purification of the place or delimited some sacred grounds...

I think there's no way to "win" the game :D

I like concept and graphics, however it would be more more playable with a joystick!

Amazing insane game! I found all 6 endings. Two questions:

This was a demo for some bigger project,where is it? 

And... Why 11:45???

Possibilità di una traduzione in italiano?

Very interesting, but many endigs! I found  only 8 or 9 endings ... Can someone give me a guide to unlock all endings?