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Is there a trick to playing the Halloween Special?  I clicked to play the level pack and just get sent back to the start screen again.  

This gem of a game is no longer working!  It has been broken since the St. Patrick's Day theme was taken down.  I love this game and hope it is not gone for good.

I reinstalled a second time and now it is there!  Thanks for all the hard work on these updates.  My mother is from Cape Breton and I will see how she does with the Irish language version.   Good luck with taking Dicey Dungeons to the next level!

I reinstalled on win10 (maybe the worst windows !) and now combat works, but I cannot access the Irish language version (interested due to  Nova Scotian  gaelic) and no bounty hunter or drain mosnter after 7 play-throughs.  I'm not much of a PC gamer, but I love me some dicey dungeons.  T.C.:  Thanks for responding personally, I am a big fan!  

After intalling the new update, my game crashes as soon as I begin the first fight.  I have tried with different characteres, and have the same problem.  Is there a fix?

Fantastic bonus!  Now I can stop worrying about getting  the  64 Heart challenge grinded out.  Happy  Harvest!