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Uhh, good question. Right now I have no plans for other platforms, but that could change.
I'll look into it more, but from what I gather there might still be options via Steam for certain Chromebooks(?)

Of course, fanart is always appreciated! The main character's hair colour is still a mystery though.

Ah, you were right, it oftentimes overwrote the largest size without it being the actual largest. Fixed it!
Thanks for playing; glad it was relaxing as intended.

Huh, you're right, nice find. Luckily, it doesn't seem to break the game. Putting it on the list of small fixes for whenever I'm putting the first 4 Cursed Travels into a bundle.

Thanks! Sunken City will be an entirely new game; all brand-new content.
Might do a bundle of the webgames with extras at some point (before or after Sunken City), but that'll be a separate thing.

It is extremely unlikely (unfortunately) that I'll have the time to make an entire sequel for this, however I did play around a bit with that idea a long time ago. After some digging around I found a little concept art I made:

Thanks for the feedback, appreciated! With these "smaller" Cursed Travels web games I'm playing around a bit with the gameplay and whatnot to see what works. As such, I expect people to like other entries more than others.

I think you'll like the fourth web game in the series more, and the big Sunken City themed game will focus a LOT on the aspects you mentioned liking, so keep an eye out for that as well!

Assuming the names of the files are still correct, the tracks are called:
- Passing Time in an Escape Pod
- Enjoy a New Day
- Deep Space Ballad (which you already found)

Yeah, multiple people have suggested the boss could be more interesting, so I'm currently making an effort to make the boss of the next one a lot more exciting.
However, the focus with these games is mostly on the puzzles, so don't expect anything too crazy.

(.eno taht gnicrofeturb ton no boj doog ,haH)

Just for you, I've just now added those sounds to the next Cursed Travels game I'm currently working on as well.

Is your browser saving progress? When on the second level, try quitting the game (press P, then Q). If the Continue option isn't there on the title screen, the game is unable to save your progress.
If this is the case, avoid playing in incognito mode, or if you weren't anyway: check your browser settings or switch browsers.

If you mean you aren't given a second SealBreaker(tm), did you put down the first one at the correct place long enough and then talk to Fargleton?

Ah, thank you for reporting, I'll fix that right away.
Good job on finding the secret room by the way.

Don't worry, contrary to Amidst the Sky and Drifting Among Worlds, there's a way to get (warp, perhaps I should call it) back after you've seen the Secret Ending.

Just took a look at the code, because I was curious too how I had implemented that. The answer is nope.

Hey thanks!
You'll probably enjoy the first/previous one in the series too then: Flame of the Banshee. And perhaps check out Lost in Firefly Forest as well.
Also FYI, I'm currently working on a third and a fourth Cursed Travels.

I don't know how to aswer that without it seeming like bragging, which in itself already sounds a bit like bragging.
Just keep in mind that I've played my games more than anyone, for obvious reasons.

Ah, good catch, will fix that spelling error whenever I update the game.

Glad you liked it!
Yes, saving cookies was always a requirement for my games (and most web games in general), but this time I decided to add a little message if that isn't working. Thank you for the additional insructions.
Also, the game seems to work fine on Firefox on all my devices, so that might not even be on the game. Will look more into that though.

Awesome, thanks for playing! Challenging was definitely what I was going for.

I can definitely see how it looks like that (other people have mentioned it as well). Just to be clear: it's supposed to be the priests waving, from a side perspective.
That said, the misunderstanding is honestly pretty funny, so I haven't changed it (yet?).

That wall-jumping is just a weird artifact of the way collision works in this game.
So yeah, a bug. But not a detrimental one luckily, and it was found quite some time after the game was released, so I never fixed it.

Long answer because I did put some thought into this once and that's a fun question:

Before I started making games on a regular basis, I did have the idea of all of them taking place in the same universe at least, although some in vastly different points in time. So that would be a world filled with mysterious artifacts, ancient buildings, and the occasional curse.
I'm not sure if one could still argue that makes sense, but Duality of Opposites could be like an arcade game that exists in that world for example, and then Warper might take place in a distant future. I haven't really done anything concrete with that idea though (yet?).
In other words: I wouldn't say there really is an "official" canon right now, so I'd like to think your take is as correct as mine.

That said, this might change, but currently my idea was that the Cursed Travels protagonists and the Temple/Tower guy know each other. I'm thinking the Soul Mirror person is active in their world as well, same for the Firefly Forest character. Things are still moving around in the Amidst the Sky sequel's story, so uhh let's leave it at that.

That's the first time I think that anyone has claimed they found the secret room. I had almost given up hope. Well done!

All I will say is that you are on the right track.
And I'm not sure if anyone has found the secret room in Tower of the Scorched Sea (sadly).

That's very likely, I originally released this one on Kongregate in early July 2019. It wasn't until semi-recently that I finally put all of my games here on Itch as well.

Thank you, there might be a secret room somewhere in this one...
Nobody has mentioned finding it yet though, so I'm starting to wonder if maybe I made a bit too secret.

Interesting, I hadn't considered that for that part. Will look into it and most likely include that in a next small optimisation/little fixes update. Thank you!

Ah I assume you mean the far right. You likely have to refresh your game or perhaps clear your cache(?), as I solved this one earlier today. It works on the browsers and hardware I've tested right now.
If not let me know of course, so I can get back to panicking again.

Very nice to see some names from the old Kongregate days popping up by the way.

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Fixing a prior issue seems to have caused this new one. I'm on it.

EDIT: And it works again. Apologies for the temporary confusion.

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Yeah, that's not supposed to happen. Thank you for the video, I seem to be able to reproduce it more consistently now.
Fixing might take a while.

EDIT: Found the issue and it should be fixed now. Although, if it somehow still occurs, let me know of course, and I'll get right to it ASAP.

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Thank you, I'm not sure and am looking into it.

EDIT: This combined with a comment above helped me a lot to identify this issue, which has (hopefully) been fixed. Thanks again.

I've just now decreased the number of repetitions to 5, thus decreasing the number of sub-phases and the overall section's length. Additionally, some waiting time between phases has been decreased a bit. Thank you for the feedback!

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There is indeed... Fixing right away.

EDIT: Done and tested, should be good now. Thank you very much for reporting.

I've been working on a follow-up to Temple of the Four Serpents for a little bit now. Hoping to get it finished somewhere next month.

It's on Armor and Kongregate, where I it released ~2 years ago. I'm in the process of slowly putting my old games on Itch, with a little performance update here and there.

Thank you for the feedback! There might indeed be a secret ending...

By the way, if you're unfamiliar with my earlier work (such as this one) stick around for the next ~week or so, as I'll be putting my "old" games here on Itch. Six more games coming up!

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Thank you very much for reporting, I'm looking into it. So far I've only managed to replicate the bug once after 30+ attempts, so it might take a while.

Edit: Found the issue, the bug should now be fixed. Good luck with the speedrun!