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Even though I am terrible at this game I had a fun time.

I'm not sure how I was selected for this but man did I mess some things up.

This is pretty fun. I love the physics!

Even though this is short, it is also very cool I hope you decide to make more.

I enjoyed this game. I had fun playing it and I hope you release some more levels.

I had no idea what I was doing but I enjoyed it.

Welp, now I'm married to a banana didn't see that coming.

I liked the game, demo could be a little longer.
Posted in Exiles comments

This game is pretty fun, could be spookier. I am looking forward to more!

This was pretty fun and I would like to see more.

The camera shake made my eyes do funky things, and now We Will Rock You is stuck in my head thanks to the step sounds.

This game is fun, I was soo close to beating it!

This game was pretty fun, it took me a while to get one of the levels.

This is a pretty cool game, I never wondered about the edge of the screen but now I always will.

This game is surprisingly hard and very creepy, I like it.

This is a fun short game.

This was really fun. Who would of thought grenades made great bowling balls?

I kept expecting something to happen for answering the questions wrong.
Posted in Zeugma comments

This was an interesting game.

I guess I couldn't download the game. It was pretty fun trying to get it work.

This is a really fun, short game.  The facial expressions were great.

For a while I was just wondering around. After using the notes, I stumbled upon the exit. If you enjoy being in a maze this is the game for you.

This game was pretty fun and unique. I loved the some of the random things people had to say.

This was pretty fun, I had no idea what was happening but it was fun.

This was pretty cool it seemed like it could be full of secrets.
Posted in Umfend comments

The game is pretty fun, I had a few issues with walking back and forth waiting for something to happen.

This one reminds me of nightmare on sesame street. It was fun and made me want to watch the TV show again.
Posted in ONE comments

This is pretty fun reminds me of nuclear throne.

This is pretty fun. I don't think there is enough games where you are really small.

This was the most difficult of your games I have played. However, I still had fun trying to find the radios and escaping the boiler rooms.

I really enjoyed this game! It took me a little bit to figure out the swing but once I did it was super fun.

This was pretty fun, it took me a while to find all of the fuses. If you haven't already, check out some of the other games Dave microwaves games has made!
Posted in Tenome comments

This was fun , it seemed like Tenome was trying to block the door while I was trying to get out.

It took me a little getting used to the sling, but after I figured it out I was able to beat the game. It is pretty fun!

I had fun using the cups to get onto the buildings.

I was confused pretty much the whole time, but it was kind of fun wondering around trying to figure out what was going on.

This was pretty fun, it got very hectic near the end.

The jump scare was timed perfectly, I had just begun to think I figured the game out then it hit me.

This game would be better if it was longer, However I enjoyed some of the interesting dialogue.

This was a fun and interesting game. I enjoyed playing it!