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I loved it, by all means please make another bullet hell in the future. The dialogue made had me screaming with laughter. The characters look rather nice but the backgrounds outside of the  water looked bad.

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I deperately want deep down in my soul for this game to get new levels and to get a steam release. It's soo good it can have a following. You're almost there! Dingdong would even feature the game on his twitter since he's aware of it.

I keep seeing new version updates for this game, is there anything being added to it?

This feels very nice to play, so few 3d platformers actually give you momentum with your character, felt like I was playing a bit of a 3d  mega man x equivalent with a grappling hook due to momentum you get from dashing around. Please give us more then the level it's truly wonderful. In the 1% chance this gets cancelled release the game as open source and I'll make levels with it. It feels that good to play.

Sorry if that's a bit much.

If you want to talk further on this game and what your inspiration for the game's controls message me on discord, I'm Fernand#3935.

Hey is there anyway I could talk to you on discord about your game?

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Honestly your game is really funny, I have high hopes for this, you put way more effort into this than I expected for a yuri game. Could've easily teamed up with a artist and made some yuri action then called it a day but you did more! Nice job! It's something I legit would pay money for on steam. It deserves it anyways. 

Also I think for humor sake you should keep the bosses dialogue very barren, it was funny what you wrote for the first one.