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This was a very interesting and fun game to play, I only found out about the secret ending after i had finished editing the video so rip to that but either way great job.

tried this game out on my latest video. it was the 2nd game i played. like the idea. just wish there where other game modes as well but well done eitherway.

this was a cool game idea i hope the other games get added as well as proper multiplayer.

this was a really good game, makes me wonder how good that burger must be to go through all that.

I like that wording better lol.

This is one of the weirdest spongebob games I've played and i love it. It does have bugs but i think they actually made it better and funnier. It was short but epic. 

Finally getting to play this game and I love the concept so far. I'm excited for when the full version gets released.

I honestly wasnt expecting to get jumpscared this bad in this game, good job. 

Almost forgot to share this but once again a great game By vidas even though I was kinda confused about the story TBH.

This was deffinitly a interesting short horror game. I wish i got a little more in the end. Ironically i just had a job interview not to long ago. wish it was like this game, would of made things more interesting lol.

This was a good short horror game. I like all the secretes and easter eggs like Paralysis on the TV. 


This game was fun to play. The puzzles where challenging but not to challenging. I also wasn't expecting a talking horse. This reminded me of a twisted carnival version on Jumanji. As always great job on another good game Vidas 

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This was a good retro style horror game. although Christmas is over it was still fun.

this was definitely different than your usual games but i loved it. Scared me as well as made me laugh 

Great work on this game for a short horror game it was fun. It was the first game i played in the video. Im just wondering what i did to piss Frosty off.

Finally got around to playing this game and its a funny chistmas horror game. Its the second game i played on the video. it was a blast to play

I haven't been jump scared this bad from a indie horror game this bad before. Its got a creepy ambiance to it, the whole game.

This was a good game it definitely  scared me. It did get me fustrated at times but overall. 

This was a great horror game it was really spooky and so much fun. im gonna be playing later builds when they come out. 

This game was such a troll lol, i cant belive i got catfished by a game. Overall great short game 

This was such a cool short game to play. also makes me realize why i dont babysit

I just played this game on my channel and  I really loved this game hope yall enjoyed the video as much as i did making it 

This game was deffinetly creey. although this game took me longer to beat then i expected but i think thats just cuz im bad at solving puzzles. another great game cant wait for the next one.


So this is was a cool short game. I found it through another channels that played it  and thought it  looked  interesting and it was a good experience although i wish it was  longer it was a good experience 

this is a cool fun game and not to far off of working in retail in real life. its actually very challenging and i like that in games like this. im gonna deffinately be revisiting this game and i wanna try and beat it.

this was a cool and creepy game, and for your first one great job. 

This was a great short horror game now im gonna think twice before i pick a flower. Heres my gameplay of it 

the start for this game starts at 5:34 it was a cool fast game i also played 3 am at the krusty krab in this one too

played this game and another one it was a great game 

This game was hella fun i enjoyed playing it on my channel if you havent already i recomend you play it

This was a fun scary game i really enjoyed it 

this was a fun horror that really messed with the mind. I would expect a jump scare at certain parts but nothing and when you didn't expect it you get hit with a jump score. the characters where really creepy in looks and how they move.