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android version is patreon only I'm afraid.

If itch doesn't respond in the next couple of days, I'll just put a download on blog at

Not a clue sadly... I'm still waiting for support to respond.

No, they were worried because the links I had provided were on external websites. Personally, I think they could have contacted me first before suspending the game since I couldn't upload it on itch directly at the time. The file size was just too large for the platform. But now they've increased my upload size and I've managed to successfully shrink the game to 1.5gb. So it shouldn't be an issue anymore. Now we're just waiting for support to see my message and respond.

Android version exists but I'm afraid it's for patreon only.

Try extracting it with 7zip

Try extracting it with 7zip

Hey everyone! If you have the time, please vote for Zeto and help me support my dear friend on this twitch channel.
You can vote by hovering over to the right side of the video window and click on "Twitch picks"
If we manage to reach 500+ votes for ZETO, as a thank you, I'll release patch 3_1 on here one whole month early!
Thanks to everyone who took their time to vote!

Hey, I fixed the link, hope it helps.

Currently 1_9_0 is the newest patch but it's currently patreon only, it'll be released in a few weeks. Newest public version is 1_8_4.

Newest patch just got added. Hope you like it!

Thanks for telling me!  I'll fix it asap.

there is a mobile version but I'm afraid it's patreon supporters only.

Haha, I'll think about it for sure.

Patreon version 1.4.0 is already up, but I'll upload it here in  a couple of weeks as well.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see what I can do!

Love you too random citizen!

Hahaha, I'm afraid no. I'm alone working on art, story, code and animation (aka everything) I doubt it's going to be fully ready anytime soon. Especially considering how much content I have in mind for this game.

Thanks for taking your time and clarifying it in my stead! I really appreciate it.

Patreon version 1.4.0 is already up, but I'll upload it here in  a couple of weeks as well.

Oh, I'll check into it and see what's up. Thanks for telling me!

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